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Jodi, dog walking - CM18 Harlow

I'm 18 years old and have recently moved from Oxfordshire to Harlow. I love all animals especially dogs, last year I worked as a housekeeper/dog sitter/walker where I would walk a Rottweiler daily for at least an hour. The guy I worked for also has a bearded dragon in which I fed as well as cats. I love the company so for me, looking after animals isn't hard work, I totally enjoy doing it. When living with my parents we had a king Charles called Stanley, cat called Ben, and many fish.
Lucy, dog walking in Harlow CM18

I used to have a black labradors called liquorice
Jessica, dog walking - CM18 Harlow

Hi there ! I'm Jess and I am a Irish girl that grew up on a farm in Ireland. I love animals and at one point I was going to be a vet but I am a nurse! We can't have a pet in our home which makes me very sad as I miss my animals in Ireland. We have dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens ducks and ponies. Oh and donkeys ! I have cared for all and miss it a lot ! My friends woils describe me as fun loving , kind and receptive. I would love to be part of the family and meet your pet. Please get in co...
Leilani, dog walking - CM18 Harlow

My name is Leilani I am 17 over the years I have has love birds, Hampsters, gold fish and I currently have a cat, I have also been around many breads of dogs and other pets too.

Hello, My name is Chloe, I have owned my own pet for 3 years now and have taken care of 20 different animals since the age of 8. I have worked on two different farms and have an amazing love for animals. I would love to work with animals and be around them, I am good at cleaning up after animals and caring for them

I have a dog and 2 cats at the moment although my entire life I have had cats around me, when I was younger I had many kittens, I even saw one being born! I love all animals and will treat them with great care and respect, I'll be sure to listen to everything you say and make sure you have a happy animal for when you get home!

My name is Ashley, I am 20 years and have a love for animals. I currently work full time so I would be able to work after 6:30 Monday-Saturday and I occasionally work Sundays if so it would be after 4:30. I have 2 days of a week so during them days I am more flexible. I currently own 2 rats named Charlie and Luna and am looking after a cat for a couple of months for a family friend named dotty which I adore. I am willing to look after pets in my own home or visiting their home to look after.