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Gemma, dog walking in Edinburgh EH8

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Gemma, I am a 19 year old, Irish student, living in Canongate, Edinburgh. I am available for home visits and walks. I have 10+ years of experience with my own cats and dogs. I currently own two cats and a dog which are currently living with my parents as I am now living in Edinburgh. All of my animals are in full health and always have been, are well fed, exercised and loved. I have also cared for my friend's dog while they were away for two weeks. I st...
Hannah, dog walking - EH9 Edinburgh

Hello my name is Hannah. I am a trustworthy and reliable pet carer with experience of caring for dogs, cats, rodents, fish/tropical fish and horses. Please take the time to peruse through my CV and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email or call. Qualifications PGDE Primary Education, University of the West of Scotland (August 2014 – May 2015) BA (Hons) Drama and Performance, Queen Margaret University (class of 2014) Highers: ABBBC Advanced Highers: B Exper...
Catriona, dog walking in Edinburgh

Hi, my name is Catriona . I am 15 years old and I have a love for animals, when i was younger I had a rabbit called Charlie who unfortunately passed away. I now have a dog called Jessie, I often walk Jessie and feed her. I have had experience looking after animals as I have looked after family friends animals when they have been away. I have looked after chickens and cats. References available on request.
Calvin Mathew Raja, dog walking in Edinburgh EH3

I am hardworking, cheerful and friendly first-year student currently working towards a BSc (Hons) Neuroscience degree at University of Edinburgh. I have been pet sitting for my friends and families. I have lots of experience with pets, I have taken out dogs for walks and have even given them baths. I can engage with the using toys and other means. I enjoy playing with animals. I personally have an aquarium at home with several fishes. I am more than happy to play with them, take them fo...
Amy, host family for dog in Edinburgh

I enjoy working with animals where I also have a cat and 2 rabbits.
Mattia, dog walking in Edinburgh

Hi, my name is Mattia and I am a 20 year old female with high school education at George Watson’s college. I have a dog myself, she is a toy poodle and her name is Athena. I have also previously looked after rabbits, gerbals, hamsters and tropical fish. I enjoy being around animals and love to see their individual personalities come out the more they get to know you.
Jessica, dog walking in Edinburgh

Im aged 17 and currently live in Leith with my mum. My future aspirations are to open my own nursary. I attended St Georges School for girls, through out all school years and left at the end of my GCSE examinations. Im known to have a very bubbly character, i have lots of energy and love to be kept on my feet. Im looking for some work experiance in my spare time i attend Boxing and spining classes. Hoping to have my drivers liecence by May.
Gabriela, host family for dog in Edinburgh EH8

I am a student from Edinburgh Uni looking for making some pocket money during the summer. Any pet welcome!
Aino, dog walking - EH9 Edinburgh

I am 27 year old bubbly Finnish girl. I've always loved animals and taken care of them for all my life. I have had cat/s all my life but I do have experience from dogs as well with my family and friends. I am not afraid to walk long miles or go into forest etc.
Libby, dogsitter - EH3 Edinburgh

I've grown up with cats, dogs and rabbits. I love all dogs and have experience in training puppies.
Laura, dogsitter in Edinburgh EH5

I am an animal lover and would love to hear from you if you need some tlc along with waking/looking after your pets. I am currently looking to improve my financial situation and would like to combine this along with my love to look after animals. I have a big garden to offer to any prospective pet and I also live next to a huge park so walkies would be easily accessed! If you need someone with a little more experience than the rest, since I have dogs at all my friends pooch is and cats etc,...
Mairi, animal boarding - EH9 Edinburgh

I don't have any pets due to where I live at the moment so happy to look after animals!
Rebecca, dog walking in Edinburgh EH3

Hi! My names Rebecca and I'm a student at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. I have a lot of experience with animals as I come from a home which has had a lot of pets, currently we have a standard poodle called Rio. Rio has recently been diagnosed with cancer so I have some experience caring for sick and elderly pets. I also used to care for neighbours pets when they were on holiday including rodents and reptiles. I have done work experience in a vets office and have seen many variati...
Melinda, dog walking in Edinburgh EH7

Hello, My name is Melinda . I'm 19 years old, and I'm doing the last year in the hihgh school. I'm from Hungary, last year I was an exchange student, but this year I'm came back to continou the school and to take the final exam-so I'm still learning the language, but I hope my level is already enough for this job. I'm a positive, happy , calm, patient, and a friendly person. I like do sports and be with animals, I have two dogs at home since 6 years, one of them is a golden retriver and a...
Amber, dog walking in Edinburgh

I do not have any professional experience looking after animals although I have grown up around animals since I was little. I have a lot of experience with dogs and guineapigs.
Laura, dog walking in Edinburgh

I'm Laura from Valencia - Spain. I Love animals, I have my little son Odin (dog) now live with my mum. I was volunteer in a farm in Lanark - Scotland (sheeps, horses, lambs, chickens, dog, cats...) very nice experience. I have experience with cats and dogs in Spain.
Lee-ann, dogsitter in Edinburgh EH7

I'm 33, female from Edinburgh and I love animals! I have bounds of experience with caring for pets. I have pets at home that I consider my children! (Chiko Chihuahua, 11. Sammy sausage dog, 3 and Cindy Cat, 10) My understanding of animals is so good because of my experiences. I've been caring for animals for 25 years. My hours a flexible and I'm happy to put my life on hold to best accommodate you. I have a 4 bedroom house close to parks with access to nature walks. I also have a l...
Katie, host family for dog in Edinburgh EH9

Hi I am Katie and I love animals. I don't have any at the moment as I have just moved back from New Zealand. I live in a large house in colinton with an acre of land and the pentland hills and two large parks near by for walks.
Charlotte, dog walking - EH1 Edinburgh

I would love to help with looking after your dogs. I have two dogs at home and love them so I would love to help looking after yours may it be in the house or checking them or walking them.

Los animales son mi pasión, he sido voluntaria en protectoras.
Charlotte, dog walking - EH3 Edinburgh

My name is Charlotte, I'm a French Erasmus student (I'm studying hospitality) and I've decided to stay in Edinburgh this summer instead of leaving at the end of the school year. I've had several pets since I was a little girl, three cats and a dog (and lots of fishes) but I unfortunately do not have any now, neither at home nor here in Edinburgh. I have quite a lot of experience when it comes to taking care of pets as I used to work for a French petsitting company called DogVacances. I als...
Abigail, dog walking - EH9 Edinburgh

I have always loved all animals, back home in the States, my family has 3 cats (Norman, Pierre, and Major Tom) and a little dog (Bella the Boston Terrier). We've always rescued animals that need a loving home. I miss them all very much, so any opportunity to look after and play with animals is fantastic!
Jessica, dog walking in Edinburgh

Hi I’m Jessica. I’m 17 years old and I would like to gain exprience with pets. I don’t have any, myself but through my friends and relatives... I have always fell in love with their own so through this, I decided to become a petsitter and try new things.

Hi there, my name is Kiran , I am a 17 year old female currently in my last year of high school. I have a cat called Tiger, she is 6 months old. I am willing to walk dogs, and take care of pets when the owner is not home. Also I am willing to do check - ups now and then to see if the pets are okay Many thanks for your time

I am a 24 year old female Psychology graduate. I have always loved animals! I have a cat, but I adore all animals. I am active and love walking/ hiking so it would be perfect if you are looking for a dog walker. However, I am more than happy to look after any pet! Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are looking for someone reliable to look after your pet.
Taylor, dog walking in Edinburgh

I have a dog called Chloe who is 3 years old who I take out at least 3 times a day and a kitten Called Boo who is 8 weeks old.
Ugne, dog walking in Edinburgh EH6

I had cat and dog in Lithuania. And now I would be grateful to have opportunity to take care of others animal :)
Leticia, dog walking - EH3 Edinburgh

I love dogs, I would like to have one, but it is not possible, is for that I want to have contact with dogs.

Hello! My name is Rosie. I absolutely love animals - I have a dog myself, but unfortunately cannot take him to university with me! My current dog is a 6 year old black lab x collie, but he still acts like a puppy! I have experience with larger dogs too, my previous one being a great dane x german shepherd. I also had cats and love having cuddles. I also worked in a stable growing up, and learnt to ride. Would love any opportunity to spend time around animals as I'm not allowed any ...
Ailis, dog walking in Edinburgh EH9

Hello :) My name is Ailis and i figured as well as having my own pets why not look after others! I currently have a Border Collie and a cat and feel extremely confident in looking after cats and dogs. I would treat an animal as if they were my own.