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Katelyn, dog walking in Kettering

My name is Katelyn . I am 16 Years Old and I have plenty of experience in looking after dogs and cats as I currently have a dog and a cat i used to have 3 dogs and 3 cats but 2 af the digs died and all three cats, the other dog currently lives with my nan and my nan has 4 dogs currently and used to have 3 but they died so she got more. I am able to love and care for pets as I believe that they are not just pets but part of your family.
Evie, dog walking - NN16 Kettering

Hi, I'm Evie! In my spare time I love to dance, in particular I love musicals. I have 2 dogs (cavapoos: Maisy and Bonnie) and 2 cats (Sammy and feather)! I adore my pets so would love to spend time with yours!
Leah, dog walking in Kettering NN16

Hello! My name is Leah, I am 16 years old with a passion for animals. I am a vegetarian have an extreme love and care for animals, regardless of species. I am willing to take care of all animals, however, the only reason I am unwilling to watch reptiles is due to the need for certain creatures, such as snakes and lizards, requiring a live meal, which is something that would upset me to do. So unfortunately, I would not be able to care for your animals the way they deserve. I have had a few an...
Alisha Marie, dog walking - NN16 Kettering

Ive looked after dogs and cats over the years as ive got 3 cats
Michelle, dog walking in Kettering NN16

hi, i’m michelle and i am 15 years old [turning 16 in august]. i love dogs as my grandmother used to look after loads. i am perfectly okay with any breed as long as they are not known to be aggressive. i’m still in school until 3:00pm apart from fridays. (online school so it is flexible). please let me know how many pets you would need walking as soon as you can as i would need to be prepared. i enjoy the outdoors and enjoy meeting new people :)
Lucy, dog walking - NN16 Kettering

My name is Lucy and I love animals dogs are my favourite. I have a dog myself. I don't have much experience only with my dog. I am willing to learn I am a quick learner and I love animals. I live interacting with animals as they make me feel calm with no stress, they make the world around me feel like a nicer place. My dog is 11 and has been with us since he was 5, he has been quite a lot of work but I have managed to get more friendly. Animals are my passion and I always stand up for a...
Simone, dog walking in Kettering

I have always been around animals since the age of 10. I am very good with cats and dogs. I offer walks, come into home to help with or check on the pet.
Tereza, dog walking in Kettering NN16

I have had dog already and since I've moved here without my dog I miss the walkings. It keeps me healthy and dog happy to get out from the house.
Alanna, dog walking in Kettering

I am a full time student looking for part time work, I love all animals and enjoy taking care of them with plenty of love and cuddles. I have 1 cat called Lucky

Hi my name is Anya and I’m 15 yrs old. I’m looking for little jobs where I can look after some pets. I have had lots of experience with many types of animals. I have previously had cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds and anything you could possibly think of ! At the moment I have a lurcher and a miniature schnauzer and two rabbits. I have a real love for animals and am wondering if I can help you in any ways. Thanks

I want to do dog walking as another job, this is because I adore animals and need some more exercise. This will be good for me so I get to go out a bit more. I have two dogs, one French bulldog and one staff who are currently too young or too old for the walking. This job will help me more out financially and will help me in the future. So please if you don't walk your dog often, don't hesitate to ask me.
Ellie, dog walking in Kettering NN16

I'm Ellie aged 14 absolutely in love with animals I have two dogs, two rabbits and fish and I love looking after them
Emma, dog walking in Kettering

I'm Emma I'm 16 I used to walk my mums mates dogs all the time
Sophie, dog walking in Kettering

I have recently completed a level 2 diploma in animal care so I know what's needed to fulfil a healthy lifestyle for your pet.

Hi im Nicole im 21 years old and love all kinds of animals. The animals i have owned previously have been guinie pigs, hampsters, rats, a ferret, fish and chickens. I now currently own a 4 year old male staffie called Bailey and I have been around many different breeds of dogs and also cats as family and friends have all sorts. I have looked after my aunts dogs birds and chinchila's whilst she was away on holiday.