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Kayla, animal boarding in Wellingborough

Hi my name is Kayla and I'm 22 years old. I have been in education for four years after finishing school, and have a collection of qualifications and degrees. I describe as a fun loving responsible individual that has a great passion for...
Bryony, dog walking in Barton seagrave NN15

I am Bryony and I am 15 years of age. I am in need of money due to an expedition that has asked me to embark on a journey to India to provide new and improved facilities to the less fortunate. I am a pet lover and I believe that I woul...
Scott, dog walking in Wellingborough NN8

My name is Scott , I am 16 years old, specialising in pets , mainly dogs, since I was 3 due to my now past away father owning a total of 5 dogs/ 1 cat/ 2 birds/ 1 fish. I love pets and I guarantee your pet/ pets will love me:) I am sel...
Katelyn, dog walking in Kettering

My name is Katelyn . I am 16 Years Old and I have plenty of experience in looking after dogs and cats as I currently have a dog and a cat i used to have 3 dogs and 3 cats but 2 af the digs died and all three cats, the other dog currentl...
Lucy Jane, dog walking - NN7 Rothersthorpe

Hi my name is Lucy Jane , I'm 19 and I love animals. I live on farm and have since I was born so I have been bought up around animals. In my house we currently have 4 dogs and 2 next door in my grandmothers house. 2 guinea pigs, fish an...
Millie, dog walking - NN1 Northampton

I am Millie and I am 16 year old Drama student. I have a cat called Bella and a dog called Bambi. I have had Bella since I was 4 years old along with her sister but she sadly past away last year. I love dogs and cats with all my heart.
Edyta, dog walking in Wellingborough NN8

I have a 40 years old.i love animals, from child in my family home i have contact with care dogs, cats, fish.Now i have 2 cats also, and permanent care cats dor another people, of course can i show reference if you wish.also when your an...
Antonella, dog walking in Higham ferrers NN10

Hi! My name is Antonella, I'm 21 years old and looking for a pet to walk or check in on in my local area! I have a love for animals and would really enjoy having this experience as a part time job. I have a tortoise of my own...
Amelia, dog walking - NN1 Northampton

I'm a pet lover living in Northampton. I myself currently own a cat, rodents, a dog and horses so I have plenty of experience looking after all sorts of animals, both little and large! In the past I've also owned various dog breeds (f...
Ellie, dog walking in Northampton NN1

I am a 16 year old student who attends Northampton School for Girls and I am looking for employment over the summer and to continue in the sixth form in September on a part time basis. i am an animal lover and have owned many animals m...
Evie, dog walking - NN16 Kettering

Hi, I'm Evie! In my spare time I love to dance, in particular I love musicals. I have 2 dogs (cavapoos: Maisy and Bonnie) and 2 cats (Sammy and feather)! I adore my pets so would love to spend time with yours!
Leah, dog walking in Kettering NN16

Hello! My name is Leah, I am 16 years old with a passion for animals. I am a vegetarian have an extreme love and care for animals, regardless of species. I am willing to take care of all animals, however, the only reason I am unwilling t...
Melodie, dog walking in Weldon NN17

Hi my name is Melodie , I'm 16 years old and live in Corby. I have just finished secondary school and will be starting college in September. Animals are something I really love and I have lots experience in looking after them from the m...
Natalie, dog walking in Corby

Hello my names Natalie I'm 23 years old I'm quite a helpful person and think I have a nice nature :) I love animals I recently have just given up my cat kiara not something I wanted to do but as my landlord doesn't allow pets in my home ...
Jade, dog walking in Northampton

My name's Jade and I'm 21 years old. I live in Abington with my partner and our cat George. George is a two year old ginger tom who is very lively and spoilt. I enjoy looking after animals and would love to look after yours.