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Millie, dog walking - NN1 Northampton

I am Millie and I am 16 year old Drama student. I have a cat called Bella and a dog called Bambi. I have had Bella since I was 4 years old along with her sister but she sadly past away last year. I love dogs and cats with all my heart.
Amelia, dog walking - NN1 Northampton

I'm a pet lover living in Northampton. I myself currently own a cat, rodents, a dog and horses so I have plenty of experience looking after all sorts of animals, both little and large! In the past I've also owned various dog breeds (from small dogs to larger dogs), reptiles (such as snakes and lizards), a variety of rodents (from gerbils to rats), etc. I can have small animals such as rodents and reptiles in my home to pet sit however my home isn't suitable for larger pets such as cats ...
Ellie, dog walking in Northampton NN1

I am a 16 year old student who attends Northampton School for Girls and I am looking for employment over the summer and to continue in the sixth form in September on a part time basis. i am an animal lover and have owned many animals myself, so have experience looking after; dogs, cats, fish and some rodents. I am also happy to walk dogs as much as you wish but it may come as extra cost and i can stay with them if necessary.
Jade, dog walking in Northampton

My name's Jade and I'm 21 years old. I live in Abington with my partner and our cat George. George is a two year old ginger tom who is very lively and spoilt. I enjoy looking after animals and would love to look after yours.
Monica Gabriela, dog walking in Northampton

A hardworking, enthusiastic and reliable individual who has an infinite love for animals. I used to take care of my animals. I have a lovely cat and three beautiful dogs. I am in love with them and I have the necessary experience to feed them and to understand their behaviour. I consider that a pet need your attention and I am happy to give them all of mine. Also, I am that kind of person who cannot survive if it is not surrounding by animals.
Lucie, dogsitter - NN1 Northampton

I love animals! I am a very willing and able person to look after your pets. I am able to come to your house and look after the pets if needed and give them a lovely walk and spend time playing with them. If needed they can also come to my house which is a very animal friendly place as we ourselves have a dog who loves other dogs so that is no issue. I am hard working and ready to do any task given
Imogen, dog walking in Northampton

I am 21 years old and studying childcare at university. I have always loved animals and have a dog of my own.
Georgina, dog walking in Northampton NN1

I am only 14 but I love animals and I want to be a vet/ rehomer when I am older. I have a cat, rabbit and a guinea pig. I have had dogs in the past and I love them, I walk my mum's friends dog and I love them.
Maya, dog walking in Northampton NN1

My name is Maya I am 19 years old, I am looking for a part time job, dog walking is something I would love the opportunity to do I am responsible as I have a family blue staffordshire bull terrier, that I have cared for whilst family have been on holiday for a month. My responsibilities included feeding, playing, regular walks and general cleaning up after the dog. I love dogs the most and would love to be paid for caring after a pet I love. If you would like to meet with me please get in tou...
Antonia, dogsitter in Northampton NN1

I am and an 18 year old student who adores animals and will happily travel to your house. I have experience with every pet except reptiles. I can take small animals to my home. We have lots of cages and an animal friendly environment. We own dogs, a cat, we breed guinnie pigs and rabbits we also have budgies, chickens, tropical fish, pond fish.
Elena, dog walking in Northampton NN1

My name is Elena, I am 23 years old and I live in Tonbridge. i am from Spain I also like the animals, for example dogs and cats. I actually have got a dog that lives at home from Spain. i am look after in Tonbridge two dogs and one cat. i offer to host an animal because i love look after pets. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Best wishes,
Emily, dog walking - NN1 Northampton

I have grown up with big dogs all my life and adore cats. I enjoy walking dogs
Hauwa’u, dog walking - NN1 Northampton

I am 25 years old studying at the University of Northampton. I am a Muslim originally from Nigeria. Back at home we have had 4 cats who sadly either left after they have grown or got killed by car accidents or other animals or got injured, sick and died. I am happy to offer a walk in the park with the animals , feed them and play with them if need be. I hope these helps you in making a decision of accepting me to care for your animals. Thank you.
Amelia, dog walking in Northampton

Hello there! My name is Amelia and I absolutely love animals. I have had lots of experience growing up with 8 animals living in our house at one time! I am really interested in becoming a pet sitter as at the moment I don't have an animal of my own and I love spending time with cats, dogs and other pets. I have looked after friends dogs while they were away, making sure the animals were fed and watered morning and evening, and making sure they were let outside or went for a walk once a day. I...
Ana, dog walking in Northampton NN1

Hello! I am Ana and I am a student at University. I used to have two pets and I used to take care of three during my time as an au pair. I like dogs as long as they are friendly and I wouldn't mind taking them for walks or play with them in the park. I don't mind feeding and taking care of any other animals you might have. I am not particulary keen on cats, but I wouldn't mind taking care of a cat as well as the family I used to work for owned a cat as one of their pets and I took care ...
Philippa, dogsitter in Northampton

I have a 2 year old Labrador and 3 year old cat. I love animals and look forward to dog walks and pet sitting.
Aliesha, dog walking in Northampton

I’ve got pets of my own and there looked after very well! So I thought to expand my options to looking after other people’s pets

My name is Daisy , I am 16 years old. I have a dog called Roxy. she is a 5 year old staffordshire bull terrier. i would be unable to bring animals to my own home as my dog is very territorial and feels threatened by other animals as she was re-homed. i do not mind coming to your home to take animals on walks, feed or anything else as long as specified and has been arranged before hand. i enjoy animals i have had a lot of experience as family and friends have many pets however some animals ar...

My name is Paige Rice I am a very kind, caring and patient individual. I enjoy being around animals as they are very comforting and relaxing. I currently have a rabbit and a cat but I have grown up with dogs and I always use to walk these dogs whether they be big or small.

I am a 14 year old girl called Paula and I love to spend time with animals. I have never owned pets , apart from fish, but i have had experience with looking after animals and walking them too. I am a confident, friendly person who can be trusted and can be relied on. I enjoy spending time with active, excited animals who love to play. I am always ready to clean their mess and wash them too. I will not hurt the animal in anyway, and i will make sure it is safe.

I love animals, and I am responsability person, with me your animal will be safe and confortable.

Hello, I'm Daniella a 19 year old student nurse. I have a love of animals and have always grown up around animals. I currently only have a 15 year old cat called Sammy. However I always walk my families dogs and look after them when their owners go away which I love. Furthermore I always used to spend my holidays as a child on the farms in Ireland helping out with animals from horse to sheep and cows. I look forward to hearing from you!
Mia, dog walking - NN1 Northampton

2 people tia and mia 14 and 13 looked after dogs before and walked them and one has a dog of there of there own

I like to play with animals

Hi I'm Emma I have grown up around many different animals and also have a pet of my own. I am a great animal lover. I am available for immediate start :)