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Abbey, catsitting in Kidderminster DY10

My name is Abbey, i am 16 and I believe that i am a highly motivated, self disciplined and dedicated person; I can contribute and undertake any challenge in a variety of situations, which combines good communication and management skills, with a high degree of enthusiasm and analytical thought processes. I am also ambitious, pro-active and have a range skills. These include my capability to turn imaginative, thoughtful ideas into inspiration for projects i have come across and in my studies. ...
Charlotte, dog walking - DY10 Kidderminster

Hi my name is Charlotte and I have cared and owned may dogs since I can remember. I don't have any professional qualifications for dog care but I have had plenty of life experience and experience in caring for a dog with diabetes.
Sarah-jane, dog walking - DY10 Kidderminster

I am 17 years old and simply need a job to begin saving money towards university and to generate the funds to buy a new wheelchair for my younger sister. I am energetic and willing to walk dogs for anyone who needs it.
Danielle, dog walking in Kidderminster

My name is Danielle Ross, mostly known as Dani, I am 18 years old. I have had boxer dogs all my life since I was a little girl, I recently lost my two boxer brothers in 2015 November and July 2016, I would walk these anywhere and everywhere. I have recently got a boxer male puppy who I have trained to do all sorts, he is 8 months old and we go on long walks into forests, woodlands. I am able to take your pet anywhere you like even if it's just a walk around the block or if you want them...
Carrie, dog walking in Kidderminster DY10

I am Carrie, i'm 16 and i absolutely adore animals. they are the one thing that can make me happy no matter what. If my mom let me i would own so many, especially animals from shelters because they are so cute and all deserve somewhere to live. i have a rabbit called Lizzie, in the past i have had a dog called scooby, a cat called cracker, many many different fish, three or four guinea pigs and three or four other rabbits. as you can probably tell i absolutely love animals, at the moment i am...
Shauna, animal boarding in Kidderminster DY10

Hello, My name is Shauna, I have had pets since day one of my life from Cats, Dogs and Rabbits to Rankings Dragons and Fish. I love all animals and will look after them all, depending on size i will offer full board (staying with me) and also depends hoow long for but will take into consideration. At the family home I have 2 cats one called Spot (as hes the size of a small dog) one called Nermal (Garfield lives next door), 1 Dog called Millie (an old rescue dog from RSPCA), 1 Full fish tank...
Stephanie, dog walking - DY10 Kidderminster

I'm Stephanie , i love animals, i have two dogs i walk regularly i normally walk my dogs for 20 minutes three times a day . i love being out in the fresh air and i love looking after animals. I am a hard working person. I am independent and reliable i have gained experience of communicating with adults and other professionals. im a kind and caring person to animals and the family's. i love walking and i would love to help you with your animals.
Georgia, dog walking - DY10 Kidderminster

Hi, I'm Georgia. I have been brought up in an animal orientated household. I am passionate about animals and have experience with both dogs and cats. Having had numerous family pets over the years, I have a good knowledge of their day to day needs and requirements. I love the outdoors and exercise my neighbours dog frequently as part of my active lifestyle. Hope to hear from you! Georgia
Rosie, dog walking in Kidderminster

I'm a 19 year old girl who has pets of her own for experience! I have a dog, two cats and a fish. I take my dog on regular walks and know how to feed him in certain amounts and with wet and dry food. Same with cats! I love animals and always have a lovely time being around them no matter what shape, size or fluffiness!! Whether they are always excited or very timid around me I'm sure they'll get used to me being an easy person to be around.
Kerri, look after fish - DY10 Kidderminster

Im a reliable 25 year old female. Currently have two rabbits. Grown up with an array of different animals.
Catherine, dog walking in Kidderminster

i am 16 years old and love animals i am happy to look after pet and take them for walks or clean them out i have a dog called smudge, a budgie called percie, a fish called cod eye and 2 hamsters one called rio and the other London

Hi, i have two cats Milly and Tiger, love dogs but cannot have one because i have a severely disabled boy, but would love to walk someone else's dog for them. Have had dogs and cat in the past so have a lot of experience with looking after them. I am very caring and trustworthy, can be flexible if needed.

I’m Bradley , I’m 16. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats