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Alice, dog walking in Redditch

I am available evenings and weekends to visit pets at home, to feed pets or to walk dogs.
Emme, dog walking in Redditch

Hello my name is Emme I am 18 years old and I have a passion for being around animals. I have always wanted to work with animals whether its pets or not, bit I feel very passionate about looking after pets as my pet dog Gracie is a staff and she is my world and I would love to have the opportunity to look after and love someone else's pet just as much as I love mine. My home is pet friendly and has a lovely front garden but also outside of my front garden is a big stretch of grass surrounde...
Sophie, dog walking - B97 Redditch

Hello my name is Sophie, I am 25 years old living in studley, I am a massive pet lover and I love dogs, I have a few pets myself, I have a golden retriever named Hugo, I have a chocolate Labrador names Mookison, I have a tortoise his name is Zak and I have 2 cats one is called Max and the other is called tallula but Tilly for short. I enjoy spending time and taking care of animals as I think they are amazing and they have so much love to give. I would make your pets feels feel happy and relax...
Alice, dog walking in Redditch B97

I'm Alice, aged 20. I have grown up with animals in my life for as long as I can remember. I am currently the proud owner of a beautiful placid Whippet Terrier X called Alfie, and a hilarious Jack Russel with an attitude called Lucy. I have owned dogs and fish, and also have some basic knowledge of cats, reptiles and birds.
Emily, dog walking in Redditch B97

Hello I'm Emily King, i have 2 dogs, one called Reggie who we rescued and are still waiting to find out what breed he is although we think he is a staffy crossed German Shepard. I also have a jack Russell called Ruby. I have 3 cats, mini, moo and missy. They all get on really well with each other and me:)
Joanne, dog walking - B97 Redditch

hello my name is joanne and I am 18. I used to have 3 dogs all different breeds one was a jack Russell long haired miniature and the other 2 were staffies one female and one male. It is a 3 bedroom house and is very spacious with a big garden but I am currently not able to host an animal because of construction work.
Holly, dog walking in Redditch

Hello my name is Holly and I love animals, I have a chicken at home who is called Princess. Even though I haven’t had any experience in dog walking, I have walked many of my family friends and friends gods. I don’t offer to host an animal I wish to come and walk your dog for you. I can insure you that I am a very bubbly, enthusiastic person and take any rolls seriously. I have also taken part in many things like singing, dancing and acting.
Liv, dog walking in Redditch B97

Hi I'm Liv and I'm 17 years old! I love animals and would love to take care of them! My home is the perfect place as I currently have no pets that could affect them at their peace
Jodie, dog walking in Redditch

I am an 18 year old female who has 10 years+ in experience in the animal world such as; cats, dogs, rodents and fish. I am a friendly and reliable person who is available on request for scheduled dates and times and also short notice. I currently own 1 dog and 2 cats so i have high knowledge and experience in this area. I enjoy going for walks with dogs and playing with them to keep them happy and active. I am available straight away and would love the opportunity to take care of animals.
Zobia, dog walking - B97 Redditch

I am Zobia I have on pets but I would love to have a dog play with it and walk it
Shanaya, dog walking in Redditch B97

I am based in matchbrough redditch. I am soon too be 16 years old. I have grey up with pets my entire life as a child. We currently have a family dog at the moment. She is beautiful and she is a valley bulldog which is a boxer mixed bulldog.

I am a certified dog groomer and would like to take on extra duties with sitting and walking. I have always had animals, but I have recently returned from a long stay overseas so as yet I do not have my own pets.

I love animals n would love to help.