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Aurelia, dog walking in Bletchley MK3

Hi my name is Aurelia and I am 16 years old. I came from Italy about 2 years ago and while I was there I had more then one dog and I learned dogs can really be good friends and sometimes they are even like part of your family.Now I live in England and I find it hard to not have a dog but my parents would not let me have one because they don`t have as much free space as in Italy so I decided to help people that they do have a dog but have no time to take them out or take care of them while t...
Beth, catsitter in Woburn sands

Whilst my main experience is childcare, I have grown up around pets and would happily come and look after yours whilst you are away or at work so that you can enjoy your holiday knowing that they are well cared for. I work from home within the publishing sector, so nipping out to spend an hour with your furry friends is easy for me at any time. A little about me... I have a cat Hugo, who lives with his grandparents back down in Kent as we currently rent, Cookie our little old lady, a hamster...
Ellie, dog walking - MK7 Walton

I am a 15 year old girl looking to walk dogs. I am very active and I believe looking after and walking your pet would be a great way of getting physical exercise and allowing your pet to get a great walk.
Harriet, dog walking in Milton keynes village

My name is Harriet and I am 25 years old. I had a dog for 13 years who sadly passed away 3years ago. Since then, whenever friends/family have gone on holiday, i have looked after their animals.
Andreea, dog walking - MK4 Milton keynes

Hello, I’m Andreea and I am 17 years old and you must think I am too young to do this but don’t worry as I am a very responsible girl and I will be very careful with the animals also if you give me instructions I will follow them and not disrespect the owner or the animal that I care for. I love animal but where I live right now I am not allowed to have any pets. I also love walking and I am very friendly with every animal.
Jordan, dog walking in Bletchley MK3

Hi my names Jordan. I am dog crazy. I have always had a dog in my life and love being around dogs.
Danielle, dog walking in Bletchley MK3

Animal Lover ! . Passion & Care . Animals are our life , And i understand that as i am an animal lover myself , Always up for new ventures . I will always look after the animals like they are part of your family . And take this role seriously .
Bethany, dog walking - MK4 Milton keynes

HellO, My names Bethany, I am 20 year old University student from Milton Keynes, studying Childhood and Youth Studies and am currently looking for local petsitting and walking to earn some extra money and some experience! I am a friendly, loyal, trust worthy and caring young woman, who is committed and bright. Growing up with dogs, cats, hamsters and mice, I love animals! Love love love them! All shapes and forms. I currently have three kittens; Daisy, Bella and Poppy!
Ocean, dog walking - MK3 Bletchley

I am a kind heart working individual who loves animals, I work extremely hard when put to a task! I am reliable, helpful and love to learn new things. I have four cats, I did have seven and two dogs but they sadly passed. As you can see I've been surrounded by animals my whole life, therefore I am no stranger to the tasks of looking after a pet day to day.

Hi im Emilie! I love animals and have always been around them, I currently have 5 cats, 3 leopard geckos and fish. in the past I have owned guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs and various small animals like gerbils, hamsters ect.

I am a reliable young woman seeking a part time job within Milton Keynes. I am currently at Milton Keynes College doing Childcare Level 3 to expand my knowledge of working within the childcare environment. I have experience of walking my family’s dogs which range from smaller dogs like chihuahua’s and cocker spaniels to larger dogs like Labradors and German shepherds. I am currently only looking for people who need a dog sitter or dog walker on the weekends or school holidays to fit around my...
Vanessa, host family for dog - MK10 Milton keynes village

Mi chiamo Vanessa, ho 25 anni e amo i cani! Ho una cagnolina di nome Kira, che al momento ha 9 mesi e non vede l'ora di avere amici con cui giocare! Porto Kira spesso all'area di sgambamento e per lunghe passeggiate in campagna, che lei ama anche se a casa abbiamo un cortile grande! Sarei felicissima di poter portare a passeggio anche i vostri bimbi pelosi! Consideriamo Kira parte della famiglia, per cui se deciderete di lasciarmi i vostri cuccioli, riceveranno lo stesso trattamento :)

i have some previous experience caring for horses, i also own 2 dogs of my own and have always owned dogs since i was very young. i enjoy being in the company of animals and i can feed, walk, exercise and play with pets. i have also owned numerous rodents and am very familiar with them.

I look after pets when people go away on holiday as a favour to people all the time i have pets of my own and feel i could really offer my services to people who need their pet looking after, or walked. i have also got an animal welfare award through St Johns ambulance.

My name is Gouri I own a pet and love pets and can offer services to every pet .If you are interested contact ASAP.

I am Chloe and I am 16 years old. I enjoy looking after pets. I currently have a cat. I have had many pets such as cats, dogs, hamsters, fish, etc.