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Konstantina, dog walking in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

Hello families :) !!! I'm Nantia , 28 years old and I'm from Greece....I'm friendly , imaginative , reliable , trustworthy , energetic and hard worker... I have some experience in pet caring because I used to work in a Veterinary in Greece for one year and as you can imagine I was being invloved with animals all the time ( small and big ).... Also I had a gorgeous Rotti but unfortunately he passed away when he was two years old, he was sick. I did my best to save him but... I LOVE pets and ...
Harriet, dog walking in Newcastle upon tyne

Hello my name is Harriet! I am 19 years old and currently studying History at Newcastle University! At home and with my partner I have looked after both dogs and cats big and small! My own dog is Lenny the Lurcher whom is a very playful, energetic dog that requires lots of attention! My partner and I also help train Labradors. I am a lover of all animals and can negotiate walks or sitting if convenient! Thanks, Harriet
Maddie, dog walking - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

Hello, I am a 16 year old student and I am currently trying to raise money in order to fund my trip to Namibia in the summer of 2019, which is a voluntary trip in which I will be taking part in helping to build a school and other facilities for children. I have just completed my GCSE's and am looking for occasional part time employment for the summer period before entering Sixth Form, and beyond. I have a lot of experience with looking after pets as I have lived with them my entire lif...
Shannon, dog walking in Newcastle upon tyne

i love animals and i have had quite a few my self i have a hamster called merycat ( my little sister named her) and i used to have a dog , a Rottweiler who sadly passed away, i often take out my boyfriends staffy a lot and care for it too , willing to learn
Dhanya, dog walking - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

Hello! My name is Dhanya and I am a fourth year medical student at Newcastle University. I have many years of working with young children; I used to work as a classroom assistant at Kumon and last summer I assisted in running a summer school to teach english as a foreign language. I have also been tutoring privately for the past 3 years. I am skilled in creating fun and engaging activities, whilst demonstrating a priority for children's safety and well-being.
Jessica, dog walking in Newcastle upon tyne

My name is Jessica , I am 21 years old. I love animals and have had two dogs over the last 9 years, one at a time. My family have also had fish. My cousins who I frequently look after have 2 dogs, a lizard, rabbits and chicks all of which I have looked after alongside the children. I have been paid to cat sit for an old school teacher over 3 separate holidays of hers totaling 4 weeks. I am more comfortable dog walking smaller dogs as we have had a cockapoo and a king charles spaniel but ...
Alexandra, dog walking in Newcastle upon tyne

I am a University student at Newcastle University with experience with lots of animals from dogs-horses. I have grown up around these animals as pets and have helped other families with their animals also such as dog walking, cat sitting etc. I have previously volunteered at a horse stable and therefore can handle animals of all sizes!
Rebecca, dog walking - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

Hello, I'm Rebecca, I am 19 years old and I am a big animal lover. I am very flexible and also available full time to provide the service of your choice! I am extremely passionate about animals and the outdoors. I am very reliable, trustworthy and also experienced. From a young age I have walked and cared for all types of animals. I was part of a family business but after finishing high school and further education I would like to branch out and start my own business. I often sit and walk...
Marcella, dogsitter in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

Hi there, I'm Marcella and I'm 27 years old. I live with my husband and my two french bulldogs (Sookie and Willa) in Heaton. My dogs are very friendly and love to meet other pets. I have previously worked in a pet shop looking after animals, cleaning out cages and giving food and water to them. We live in a spacious house with a back yard. There is also two parks close by where we can take your pet for a walk and have fun. I've had pets at home ever since I can remember! We love a...
Joanne, animal boarding in Newcastle upon tyne

My name is Joanne, I am 18 years old. I have a dog (west highland terrier) called Wallace, he is my world. I love taking him for walks on the beach or to the park and seeing him loving life, playing. I used to look after my mums work colleague's dog, max. Max was recovering from a stomach operation so I was there to make sure he was ok, not being too energetic and giving his medication to him at the times needed. I love animals.
Alice, dog walking in Newcastle upon tyne

My name is Alice , and I am looking to walk dogs and look after rodents and/ or horses as well. I currently own two dogs and a parrot and I have owned rats in the past. I also have a qualification in Equine Management in terms of horse care.
Hetty, dog walking in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

Hi I’m Hetty and am currently in second year at Newcastle university studying geography. I’ve always grown up around animals having cats and dogs so am very confident handling both. Additionally I am a competitive horse rider on university teams so could also provide care for horses.
Lauren, dog walking in Newcastle upon tyne

Hi I am a great Nimal lover and have had let's all my life. I currently have 2 dogs and a cat. I've just adopted my cat Lily from a shelter and it's turned out to be a perfect match! She's gorgeous and so full of character! I have a cocker spaniel called Izzy aged 5 and a jack Russell called Jess aged 13. We love to go walking in the country side. I would love to help your family out with taking care of your pet whilst you're at work, at an event or on holiday. I am happy to take dogs o...
Gautham, dog walking in Newcastle upon tyne

Understand special requests and conditions for each dog Ensure each dog is getting exercise and potty breaks Ensure safety of the dogs you are walking and those (humans and dogs) around them Remove pet waste
Dina, dog walking in Newcastle upon tyne

Bonjour, Je suis disponible pour m'occuper de vos chiens et chats à votre domicile. Malheureusement je vis en colocation et dans ce logement je n'ai pas le droit de garder des animaux de compagnies donc ce sera à votre domicile. Je suis une fan d'animaux. Je me suis déjà occupé du chien d'un ami de ma mère durant quelques temps. Je lui ai donnais à manger et lui faisais sa balade. Je pourrai faire de même pour votre chien. Je pourrai également le laver et jouer avec lui. Je suis disponi...
Sophie, dog walking - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

I have had my own pet dogs for the past 17 years and have taken a lot of responsibility looking after them. I am very experienced walking, feeding and looking after dogs. I absolutely adore dogs and would love to walk and look after other peoples as they give me so much joy. I have had experience with large and small dogs and I am very confident about looking after them.
Lagun, dog walking in Newcastle upon tyne

I have 2 dogs ? and 15 fish ? at my place.
Jessica, dog walking in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

I am currently a student living in Jesmond. I have own 3 dogs, a rabbit and a hamster and have owned fish before.
Nicole, dog walking - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

I've always loved animals as a child and have looked free my own dogs for years I had 3 dogs, a jack Russell called Ruby, a chihuahua called Bobby, and a cross between the two above called Mitzee. I absolutely loved taking care of my pets and loved taking them on walks all of the time to keep them healthy! If you feel like you would trust me enough with your pet do feel free to contact me.
Abbie, dog walking in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

I love all animals!!! I am very trustworthy and loving. I love spending time with animals and I hope my career will be with animals.
Delanie, dog walking - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

I am a huge animal lover! I own 2 cats, 2 rabbits and 3 fish. When I was younger I used to beg my mam to take me down to the local cat and dog centre just so I could see the animals and help out and just basically spend the day there. I often go to farms and zoos and nearly every week I dog sit for my boyfriends dog. I love every animal whether its big or small and helping out other people would bring me such enjoyment.

I love animals I owed a cat that unfortunately passed away and since I never owned another pet . But I love spending time with cats and dogs, I know how to behave according to each animals temper , I often spend time with friend's animals very often .
Sarah, dog walking in Newcastle upon tyne

I'm currently at university and miss my dog at home. I love animals and have had dogs and cats growing up so well suited to care and interact with them.
Marion, animal boarding - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

I moved to Newcastle on January 2, 2017 to improve my English. I am French, and I am looking for a new professional experience allowing me to be impregnated with English culture. I love animals, I have a dog myself: Calisson. I think I can bring all my affection and comfort to these little companions. I am always positive and in a good mood! I am available every day of the week. French is my mother tongue and I try every day to improve my English. I learn fast!
Claire, host family for dog in Newcastle upon tyne

Hi my name is Claire iam 33.i have and have had lots of pets over the years . Currently I have two dogs, ( shanouk and storm) who are 12year old sibearan husky raised with me from pups anyone with this breed will fully understand the extra special treatment and requirement theses special dogs need. I am fully confident with theses dogs and understand there needs behaviour, excerise and dietary requirements. I also have two cats so fully confident with toilet duties feeding grooming etc. And l...
Katie, dog walking in Newcastle upon tyne

My name is Katie , I am 20 years old and I live in Lemington in newcastle upon tyne. I am a massive animal lover, I have had some experience working with animals such as dogs. My job role is a learning support assistant for young adults with special educational needs, at the college we have our own buddy dog who I work with on a regular basis. I also have a cat and dog at home and I have been around animals my whole life.
Kelly, dog walking - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

My name is Kelly. I have many years of experience of pet sitting. I love all animals and have a lot of patience time and energy. I am very caring and loving towards any animal, I have my own furbaby's a Westie named Alice she is 2, and a gorgeous black cat called Sassy who is 16 now. I have grew up with animals of all kinds.
Karolina, dog walking in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

I am 24 woman with a lot experience and knowldge about animals. I had dog for 14 years, 2 cats, gerbils and mice. I have recently fostered pups and kittens until they found new homes. I will be happy to help you with your animals.
Katy, dog walking - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

I am 19 years of age and currently studying at Northumbria University in Newcastle. I absolutely adore animals and this seems the perfect opportunity to spend time with them whilst also helping out others. I have cared for animals in the past such as fish, cats, dogs and Guinea pigs for others. Whilst also having a pet cocker spaniel myself. If you feel I would be a good candidate for your pet please don't hesitate to contact me.
Laura, dog walking in Newcastle upon tyne

My name is Laura. I have helped family but looking after their pets for them. I look after my own dog and have looked after cats, fish.