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Shannon, animal boarding - SR1 Sunderland

Hi, My name is Shannon. I am 17 years old and I have just finished a level three course in Animal management. Even though I am not specifically qualified in pet sitting, I am fully aware of the time, patience and care it takes to look after any animal. During my time at college I studied subjects such as animal welfare, the accommodation of animals, feeding and handling animals, animal biology, animal first aid and many more so I am fully qualified in caring for a range of animals. At Kirkley...
Hannah, dog walking in Sunderland

My name is Hannah I am an 18 year old college student. I have no pets of my own but my sister's , friends and other family members do and I thoroughly enjoy takimg care of them. I am very trustworthy and responsible and would treat your pets as if they were my own. When I get my own house I would love to have a dog. I have previously looked after dogs fish and cats and a tortoise, but would be willing to look after other animals. I have looked after those animals for prolonged periods of time...
Beth, dog walking in Sunderland

Hi, I am Beth, I am looking to look after animals cats or dogs preferably but i can look after any animal. I have a lot of experience with cats as i have 2 of my own Bobbi and Scarlotte, I have also done dog walking for people in the past and dog sat 2 dogs for 2 weeks last year. I normally only deal with small dogs but will look after a large dog as long as it is friendly and ok with children.
Jade, dogsitter - SR1 Sunderland

I'm Jade, I am 21 and I love animals. I have grown up with both cats and dogs. I have a cat of my own now and she is a very happy little girl. Animals are our furry babies, and I know how much pets mean to people. They deserve lots of love and attention.
Stacie, dog walking - SR1 Sunderland

5 years horse riding experience. 2 family dogs and 1 cat.
Patricia, dog-sitter - SR1 Sunderland

I have experience as a pet owner. I have a dog and several cats. I have previous experience as a cat breeder so have extensive experience with cats, their ways, habits, feeding, etc. I have personal xperience with both large and small dogs. Previously have owned a German Shepherd and currently have a jack russell/Chihuahua I have transport to get to and from clients homes.
Chelsea, dog walking in Sunderland SR1

hello I am a 23 year old I am a animal lover and I just love helping people out
Victoria, dog walking in Sunderland SR1

I love animals. I have a dog and I alwais had animals.
Danielle, dog walking in Sunderland

Hello I am Danielle, I have a dog, two cats, a hamster and fish.

I am natalie and i currently have a dog that i look after as well as other family members and i have also had experience in looking after cats as i have had cats but do no longer have them anymore. I love animals and i would love to help other people out when they need me the most as i know what its like to be tied down with animals when you want to go some where and i would love to help other people out.
April, dog walking in Sunderland

Hello, My name is April, I am 26 years old and currently studying for a degree. I have kept many animals through out m life my current buddy is Toby my border collie. however I have experience with a wide range of animals.

Hi my name is Dana, I'm 15 years old and I am very good with animals I can pet them as required, I've had dogs, rabbits, cats and hamsters in the past, I now have a dog and I care for him like he's part of the family, please let me know if I fit your requirements, I can feed your animals, play with them, etc.
Catherine, dogsitter - SR1 Sunderland

I'm a 17 year old girl who loves pets I'm nearly 18 and I have had loads of pets in my life including dogs, cats and fish. if you have any questions just ask thank you.
Eleanor, dog walking in Sunderland

I'm a 21 year old female. I have had many pets, currently own two dogs (jack russell and Border Collie) Look after them very well, a huge animal lover so always keen to help others out

willing to visit home to feed and water and give comfort/happiness as well as strolls/walks just want to be helpful to people who genuinely need help

Hi my name is Susan I'm 58yrs old I am a lover of cats, dogs, and bearded dragons I've had animals all of my life. I also have a cat (Wiskers), dog German Shepherd (Mia) and a bearded dragon (Sessi).I can train your dog in the basics of, (sit, stay, come, lie down, and a few other things which I would discuss if you needed me.

I am 24 years old female and I own a black Labrador who is already three years old and he is very happy at my home even though sometimes he can be a handful however, I love pets and taking care of them and treating them really well. I am free to take care of them for couple of hours or take them for walking sometime to give them some company.

My name is Stefani and I am a psychology student at the University of Sunderland. I really love animals and spending time with them - taking care of them and playing with them. For the last 12 years, I owned two cats and had numerous opportunities looking after my friend's pets (birds, dogs, cats, fish). I believe that animals are our best friends and that they need a proper care. If you are interested, I will be more than pleased to take care of your pet!

hi im matt i have 2 dogs jack and cleo im dont host but i am willing to drop in and take you pets for walks feed and water and anything else that you need me to do

I have had a lot of pets in the family home, I am comfortable with animals such as cats, dogs and reptiles such as snakes, I enjoy dog walking and comforting animals.