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Bethany, dog walking in Rochdale

I am a 15 year old girl trying to earn money to buy a horse. I have looked after other people’s pets before and currently have my own dog. I have had a cat, hamster, fishes and rabbits before all of which had long comfortable lives. Because I have a dog who is particular about who she likes, I am unable to keep any inside animals at my home but I will happily go to your house to look after any pets or take any dogs for walks.
Chanel, animal boarding in Rochdale OL16

I'm a 15 year old girl looking for part-time work. I love animals especially dogs and cats. In the past I've had a number of pets ranging from a gold fish to a ankle biting Jack Russel. I know a couple of amazing places to take walks. Your animals will be in amazing hands and get all the attention they need and deserve.
Ashleigh, dog walking in Rochdale OL16

I am a 14 year old in secondary school. I have many pets that i take on walks and look after at home. I have a dog 2 hamsters and I did have a cat. I am happy to walk them, feed them or sit in with them if you are out.
Pollie, host family for dog - OL16 Rochdale

Hello , my name is Pollie , I enjoy being around animals and have experience through spending a lot of time around them through family and friends and small work experience .I have dealt with dogs , cats , fish , horses , parrots , rabbits and others . I am happy to walk , feed , groom and clean up after the pets . I believe it is a great opportunity to gain knowledge on different animals and I enjoy meeting new people . I am happy to offer my home depending on the animal .
Shannon, dog walking in Rochdale

Hi I'm shannon and I live in Rochdale. I have experience with a range of animals. I have cared for dogs, cats, horses, fish, rodents and birds. I can travel to anywhere within a 25 mile radius. I am very patient so I can deal with anxious pets. I am quite active so I could take the animals for long walks. I have animas myself that I take care of. I have a flat haired shih tzu and I used to own a wide range of tropical fish and two guinea pigs
Judith, dog walking in Rochdale

I'm a pet owner myself having four cats and two dogs I know the amount of commitment and dedication it takes to care for animals properly , kindly and responsibly. I'm a mature , active hardworking individual I love all animals and have over the years always done voluntary dog walking at a number of charities and am a life time sponsor of Manchester dogs home, Blue cross, cats protection and WWF I know how important pets are at enhancing our lives, and I personally love mine as much as ...
Brooke, dog walking in Rochdale OL16

Hi i’m brooke i’m 14 and i have 4 pets that me and my family live with, 2 dogs, 1 cat and a fish. i am very patient and good with animals, and enjoy taking care of them. I would walk them, feed them, do whatever you needed me to do.
Carly, dog walking in Rochdale OL16

I have a job looking after dogs cats and pigs will love to do more
Charlotte, dog walking in Rochdale OL16

I love taking care of animals normally go round to my neighbours house when they are away and look after there animals

I adore animals! I have a dog, and two fish. But i’ve had experience caring for parrots, bearded dragons, budgies, rats, chinchillas, cats, dogs, and snakes. I am very gentle and caring.

I am a pet lover, I am more than happy to stroke/pet and hold them all day long and take them for a walk if it's a dog/cat

I am 15 and looking for a job.I have worked on my dad's farm but now he doesn't have a farm anymore.I would love to go on long walks with your dog.