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Carmina, dog walking in Manchester

My name is Carmina and i am a friendly, happy, respectful animal lover and vegetarian. I have lots of experience babysitting and house sitting and have had several pets of my own, from chickens and peacocks, to reptiles;snakes and lizards, to dogs and cats. It would be a delight to look after your pets as animals are a huge part of my life and my love. I will respect your boundaries and can also help with tasks around the home on request such as tidying or sticking the slow cooker on! I am ...
Marta, animal boarding in Manchester

Hi, I'm Marta and I'm an animal lover. I had pets all my life (birds, fishes, hamsters, cats and a dog, even had snails and caterpillars 😂). Nowadays I have 2 cats (who are now with my mum while I'm in Manchester). They are my kids for me and I absolutely love them. I'm also used to take care of my doggy nephew and he love me as much as I love him. He is a rebel dog and we are taking him to school so he can learn how to behave properly, that's why I'm fine with nervous dogs too.
Brinkley, dogsitter in Manchester

Hi! I'm Brinkley, from the United States. Living here in Manchester with my partner for the next two years. I have an out going personality, caring and am very personable. I do not have any pets currently. Growing up we had a few cats, Snoopy, Paws and Sneakers. Over the past 10 years I have pet-sit for family and friends whenever they need help. I love interacting the with animals and making sure they feel safe with me.
Abbie, dog walking - M16 Manchester

I have always loved animals, I live right next to a big park and as I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment I often spend a lot of it going for walks to clear my mind and exercise, I am currently walk my elderly neighbours dog on a daily basis and am extremely interested in networking and offering my free time and care to more people.
Iona, dog walking in Manchester

Hi, I'm Iona. I love animals and have many pets. Me and my brothers had 4 hamsters, sadly with a 2 year lifespan so 3 of them passed away, but I have much experience with looking after hamsters, one of them is alive, she is called Dingo, she is very lovable and playful so we like to get her out and play with her a lot. I have had many dogs in the past but currently have 4 small dogs. 2 shih tzus (Diego and Clio) and 2 chihuahuas (Tilly and Bolt). They are lovely dogs and a huge pa...
Helen, dogsitter in Manchester M14

I love animals! I am very caring and want to make sure every animal and house pet is having an enjoyable life and being looked after. I used to have an amazing dog when I was younger. I know how to take dogs for walks, feed and provide care for it. I have always appreciated the enjoyment animals can bring to people. I can look after your pet early mornings, throughout the day, over night or for a week or two! Whatever suits you best.
Ann, dog walking - M14 Manchester

Im a 56 year old lady who loves pets. I also enjoy walking in all seasons. I have a checkable works record. Reference given when required. I have recently retired from being a Nanny. I've looked after various pets. Rabbits , dog's, cats lizards, birds and tortoises. Just looking for something to pass the time of day
Megan, host family for dog - M15 Manchester

I have looked after pets since I was a little girl and have had pets ranging from rabbits, dogs and horses. I would love to help look after your pets as I am obsessed with animals! Love staying active and this helps having animals around! Sadly as I am at university studying a Masters in Public Relations, I do not live with my dogs as they live with my mum in Scotland. Therefore I'm in serious need of playing with animals! Also, due to studying I have a lot of flexibility when it comes...
Ibtissam, host family for dog - M1 Manchester

Hello, my name is Ibtissam, i'm a young french girl of 20 ( almost 21) years old :) I just arrive in Manchester, i live in Chorlton, i need a job to stay in that magical city. I work on artistic projects ( movies, music, painting, poem, pictures..) I have met a lot of pets in my life, my cat is my beautiful lady. She has been pregnant twice so we have had a lot. And my childhood friends were having dogs, birds... so when they went on vacation, took care of all of them. My friends and f...
Emma, dog walking in Manchester

I am a student social worker from Watford, currently studying for my masters degree. I am an animal lover and after the recent passing of my beloved cat I am keen to help other pet owners with whatever they need. I am a very active person, living near to parks such as Cassiobury where I go jogging/ walking on a daily basis. Therefore, I would be perfect for owners that need their dogs taken for long walks. I am a big cat and dog lover so would be happy to help out where needed!
Mimi, dog walking in Manchester M14

Hi! My name is Mimi. I love animal and I lived with them since i was born. I would love to help yours pets and give them a food when they are alone and take them to walk. I love animals and to me they are family member. I love walking, hiking and reading.
Tygon, dog walking in Manchester

Hello to whoever reads this, My names tygon (teigan) . I’m 18 years old from chorlton. And, I have a good experience with animals. Because I live with 6 pets, 1 dog 1 cat and 4 hamsters. I love animals and I am going on to studying an animal care course, at Manchester college the Northenden college. I will clean after animals, clean their cages if they owe one And even walk dogs. But, mainly small dogs as I have a heart condition and fear big dogs! Thanks to whoever reads this and wants ...
Shannon, dogsitter in Manchester

My name is Shannon . I am a 18 year old student from Blackley. Over the years i have had many pets, ranging from Border Collie and Boxer Dogs to a Chihuahua. I am well experienced with cats, such as Bengals, British Shorthairs ( have two of these) and general cats. I also have a parrot which I feed and clean on a daily basis. In past years I have looked after my own fish. I am a very animal friendly individual, having been in that environment all of my life.
Shahd, dogsitter in Manchester

Hi My name is Shahd I am 27 years old I am a professional animal seater I love cats and dogs and so much i can host them at my 3 bedroom flat at anytime if his/her family are going somewhere. I'd be more than happy to take it to my house or come and visit it at your home and take care of it everyday. I treat them like my children i care for them i feed them i sing to them i play with them a lot I love them so much I can work from 9am until 2pm everyday except weekends. I prefer i wo...
Frances, dog walking in Manchester

My name is Frances, I currently have two cats, one male and one female, and also a kitten. As well as that, I also have three dogs and three rats. So as you can probably tell, I am very animal friendly. I enjoy taking my 12 year old greyhound for a walk especially in nice weather! I also look after my friends two kittens when she goes on holiday and the same with my other friend, who has a hamster which I occasionally look after. I'm flexible when it comes to looking after animals, as I'm ext...

Hello, My name is Flore, I'm 20 years old and I come from Paris. I have 1 twin brothers, 1 little brother (5 years old) and 1 little sister (6 years old). I'm to Manchester to improve my English. I have the first part of Youth Leadership Certificate in Holiday Camp (BAFA), in France. I have a diploma to the hostpitality and catering industry. In France I have one cat, the name is Plume. She has 10 years old. She loves people and want a lot of hug. She miss me a lot but it's...
Olivia, dog walking in Manchester

The size and strength of the dog is what I base money on, I'm an animal lover and I always used to walk my grandads dog which was a Labrador and I also walk my two dogs Brian and Bonnie ones a chihuahua cross the other is a whippet cross, I'm both loving and caring towards animals, there part of the family I'm my opinion. When walking dogs I walk them the distance they can cover meaning if it's a small breed I'll walk it for 15 mins If it's a big breed it'll go a long walk.
Molly, dog walking - M14 Manchester

Hi my names Molly I'm 22 and an animal lover! I begged for a dog ever since I could talk and finally adopted one on my 10th birthday and since then have one other who is now 5. Although I have moved to the UK from Austrlia and am missing my pups so would love to care for yours as my own!
Ella And Fynn, dog walking - M14 Manchester

Hi we are ella and fynn and are currently looking for a job we are all most 17 years old we have loads of experience with animus between us we have 2 dogs, 2 horse, and a rabbit and fish, we are reliable, flexible, hardworking, have a passion for animals, great communication skills, and u can count on us. Kind regards ella and fynn
Belen, dog walking - M14 Manchester

I'm a pet owner and I love animals. I haven't professional experience but I consider myself ready to care animals. When I lived at home I had always dogs and cats and I miss to have a oet so this is a good way to be in contact with animals.
Janine, dog walking in Manchester M60

Hi. Im janine, 21 yrs.old Posso capire e parlare italiano (abbastanza) . And I'm looking for pet sitting job ( full time or part time). I really loves animal. And I had my experienced of taking care of my aunt's dog and cat. It was great and fun experienced. Also I had my experienced, when some of my friends and I help one of our classmates to took care of her aunt's 12 dogs. I'd never forget that at first it was chaos (in a good way) but we manage to follow us at the end. And we're t...
Ana, dog walking - M1 Manchester

I'm a young portuguese woman with a helpful attitude and a calm demeanour. I absolutely love animals, I hope someday have a beagle they are my favourite dog. I have a dog in Portugal it have 7 years. I would like to take care of your pets when you need.
Camilla, dog walking in Manchester

Hello, my name is Camilla and I am 19. I love animals and I would like to take care of your pets when you need.
Darcey, dog walking in Manchester

Hello! I am currently in my last year of college, working to achieve my A-Levels in Sociology, Business and ICT. I am, and have always been, a faithful animal lover. I currently don't have any pets for my own, as my family is allergic. I am dedicated to any I commit to, and I'm a very reliable person. I have an enhanced DBS check available on request.
Nikolett, dog walking - M16 Manchester

Dear Owner, I love dogs, horses, reptiles, I had have fishes, whole my family love pets. I am far from home and I really miss some time to be close to doggies or kittens. Please feel free to call me if you need a friendly person to look after your pet :) Kind Regards, Nicky

Hi ! My name is Elenor and I am a 16 year old from Manchester . And i am also a true animal lover !!! I have a dog , cat and 2 fishes at my home and I love every single one of them . I am very responsible and I know how to handle the animals .I have past experience with dog wallking where I used to take my neighbors dog out every day for about a year and a half . I am available everyday and on the weekend all day . Animals love me and I enjoy being around them !! For any more information cont...

Hello I am Sarah i am 24 and i am french. I arrived in Manchester one week ago. I am doing an internship at IKEA and i am also looking for a job aside. I love animals and i got a cat that i miss so if you need help to take care of yours or another animal it Will be a pleasure for me. Thanks.
Natalie, dog walking in Manchester M60

I’m 28 years old I enjoy getting out and about doing activities such as walking dogs, going rock climbing, to the gym, mountain biking, canoeing, and dancing.
Yolanda K, dog walking in Manchester

Hi there all animal owners! My name is Yolanda, I am currently 18, turning 19 in October, and would love to offer my services when it comes to taking care of the animals you care so deeply about while you aren't able to. Personally I have unofficially had this job as it happened to take care of my extended families pets while they were away at work. The whole feeding, playing with and walking your dogs is something I'm actually looking quite forward to do - so given the opportunity I woul...
Heather, dog walking - M14 Manchester

hi my name is heather i have always loved animals i have always had dogs i love spending time with them and always want what is best for them i am friendly and hard working