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Jorja, dog walking in Sheffield S2

I have had regular experience of looking after different peoples animals mostly cats and dogs while they are either at work or on holiday. I come from a home that's full of animals ranging from cats to reptiles we have everything.
Emily, dog walking - S26 Sheffield

I am Emily, I'm 22 years old, I live in Aston. I have always had a dog in the house which I fed, walked, played with and loved for years. I like all types of dogs especially scruffy ones :). When living in France I got the chance to house sit for a family friend looking after their labrador and keeping the house tidy. I'm very trustworthy and punctual. Every so often I look after 2 jack russels, we go out for walks, play in the garden and I'm teaching them the essentail skills (Sit, Lie...
Tilli, dog walking in Sheffield

Hiya I am tilli I am 17 years old and currently studying childcare level 3 at college. I have a cat and I have ever since I was born so i have grown up around animals. Furthermore, all my friends have had dogs all my life and I have always helped to walk and look after the dogs. I am a very responsible and trustworthy person I will take care of the animals to my best ability and ensure that they are looked after, cared for, loved and having fun.
Rose, dogsitter - S1 Sheffield

I have experience in looking after animals such as cats, dogs, rodents and fish. I love animals and can be flexible as to when they need care.
Alexandra, dog walking in Sheffield

Hello! My names Alex (or Alexandra, whichever you prefer!) I'm 24 and I'm currently studying through the University and would like to find some work dog walking/sitting as this is a career I'm interested in pursuing. I've grown up surrounded by animals, I often walk family members dogs for hours at a time and I volunteer as a dog walker at a rescue centre. As I have never been paid to dog walk before I can't provide references in this area, but I am reliable, responsible, trustworthy and as m...
Elizabeth, dog walking in Sheffield S2

I am a 21 year old graduate who studied Primary Education for 3 years. I am looking for occasional temporary work during the summer holidays - up to late September time. I have a bit of a zoo at my mums house - we have two cats, two dogs, a fish, and hamster and a bearded dragon... I will not be able to offer my home as accommodation for your pet, but can assure you that I will treat your pet with the same care and love I treat my own!
Grace, dog walking - S1 Sheffield

Hello! My names Grace and I love animals. I have 3 cats, rabbits and fish. I have looked after dogs and turtles before. I’d love to help someone else in need doing something I love! Please contact me if you think I’d be able to help. Hope to hear from you soon, Grace
Bethany, dog walking in Sheffield S1

Hello, I am a 21 year old student currently living in Sheffield, Walkley Area. I am a very confident and caring individual and I am a student nurse at University of Sheffield. I have had pets all my life, ranging from fish to horses and I can honestly say I have a passion for animals. I have been a vegetarian for 6 years and also now trying out the vegan lifestyle for the past 7 months. I am very flexible and able to commute easily throughout Sheffield.
Chloe, dog walking - S1 Sheffield

I have always enjoyed having pets of my own. I’ve had a variety of different pets but dogs and cats are my favourite. I’ve recently been trying to get my dad to get me a dog so by walking and helping looking after animals it will help me spend time with animals
Shantel, dog walking - S26 Sheffield

Hello. My name is shantel T. I live in Sheffield/Rotherham and I am willing to travel as far as 30 miles and I am 20 years old and I am very trustworthy. I have been looking after pets since I was 9 I have done, I am a loving and caring and energetic person I'm always up for new challenges and I am hard working and I am very organised and a good timekeeper and I have great communication skills. Message me for my number. Hope to hear from you soon. Yours faithfully Shantel
Lauren, animal boarding in Sheffield

Hello my name is Lauren, I am 22 years old and currently living in Ulley, Sheffield. My home is in the middle of the country side (lots of places to go for longs walks). I have lots and lots of experience with animals as I used to live up north in a town called Penrith on an equestrian centre so as you can imagine there was lots and lots of animals that I cared for on a daily basis. I currently have a cat named mini who is like my child (very spoilt). If you would like to know anymore about...
Samantha, dog walking - S2 Sheffield

I have looked after houses and their pets. I walk, feed and play with them.
Charlie, dog walking - S1 Sheffield

Hello, I'm Charlie I'm 14 years old... 15 in October. I had a horse when I was little but he passed away and I never brought my self to get another. I have 2 dogs of my own, a puppy and a 6 year old. They get along very well. I've always had a love for dogs, cats and horses. I would love if you'd like me to look after your pets. I'm really responsible and reliable. As long as your animal has a lead, a collar and food.
Angela, dog walking in Sheffield

I'm italian, I love pets, I moved in Sheffield 3 months ago with my cat. I studied pet therapy and I have 2 dogs from13 years ago and a cat from 7. I'm attending inglish course level entry 3 to improve my inglish but I think that pet language and love for them should be internationally.
Benedetta, dog walking in Sheffield

I love animals and I am used to have them around, especially dogs. My uncle has always had a big passion for animals in fact he now has got over 32 dogs! I usually help him out and have a lot of fun.

I adore animals I would be happy to take care of pets while the family takes vacations etc.
Lauren, dog walking in Sheffield

Hi, my name is Lauren and I'm 16 years old. I own 2 cats myself and i often take care of my neighbours dogs so i have quite a lot of experience with animals.
Emma, dog walking in Sheffield

I work within a family where there has always been pets. My responsibilities include walking and feeding the dog as well as cat feeding. I often feed the cats for the family when they are on holiday, I am happy to help in this way. I am honest amd trustworthy. I am active so enjoy dog walking.

I always loved animals. In my childhood, I used to spent my long summer holidays with my grandparents in the countryside in Romania, so I'm quite familiar with different types of animals. Nowadays, I have a cat, and he is my spoiled baby (for the last ten years).

Hello, i am a 18 year old who is able to look after any animal and have experience in looking after dogs as i have two dogs myself. I am happy to take any animal on a walk and am happy to feed it. I have always liked animals and enjoyed looking after them. I have no allergies to any pets and am friendly with any animal.
Paige, dog walking in Sheffield

My names Paige and I'm 16 years old! I currently own a rabbit which I love, I used to have a dog but he sadly passed away a few years ago. I've also owned fishes and cats!! I previously did horse riding so I know my way around that as well!! :)
Melissa, animal boarding in Sheffield

My name is Melissa and I am 19 years old and i am a animal lover I love to look after them and I have had some experience with animals i have had quite a few pets and at the moment I have a hamster. I would love to look after anyone's pets at any time thanks melissa

Hello, my name is Jodie and I love dogs, cats and especially fish, I have my own pond and I used to have a cat and dog as well so I know how to look after them. I can take them on walks or just pop round to feed and give them water. I am available most days Thank you for taking the time to look and I will hopefully hear from you soon.
Holly, dog walking in Sheffield

Hey! my names Holly! and I have 3 German Shepherds called Scruffy, Coco and Tiger.

Im kelly and 13, im good with dogs and have 3 myself

love animals this would be the best thing to do as I'm only 14 I am okay for walks and things don't mind how much you pay me just want some side money for the future.