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Brigitta, nursing in Cricklewood NW2

My name is Brigitta, I am 26 years old non smoker Hungarian women. I am very lucky because all of my grandparents are still alive. Their age are in between seventy and eighty years old. My grandmothers have got diabetes. One of my grandpa had a knee surgery so he can walk just with help. My another grandpa had cancer but he is healthy now. He has to eats healthy food. I always visited my grandparents and helped for them with housework, cooking, reading for them and spending quality time toget...
Dorota, senior home help in London WC1N

Don't mind too help with basic stuff. I don't have experience apart from my own grandmother where I look fafter her sometimes.
Matea, senior home help in London SW1X

Hello, My name is Matea. I am offering help with the housework ranging from cleaning to cooking, dog walking to babysitting etc. I am very reliable person and take my job responsibilities extremely seriously. So I assure you that you will not regret hiring me.
Angelica, senior home help in London W1H

Hello my name is angelica I am a very caring young women who would love to help someone, I am currently unemployed but have past experience in child care, I have also spent a lot of time with my grand father I enjoy reading and cooking and just having general conversation's with people. I am friendly and approachable. I can cook and clean and do general house work duties. I am English and live in the Hampstead area.
Jasmine, senior home help - SW1X London

Hi, my name is Jasmine and I am 19 years old. I am a very caring person who loved to help and make people happy! I use yo help my grandmother and grandfather and seperate times before and also when they got sick for a few years. I love cooking and would love to cook for anyone who maybe doesn't have the time or can't. I am a great listener so I can keep you company. Maybe you'd like me to read to you, go for a walk with you or even just talk! I can help with almost anything; shopping, co...
Chelsea, home help in London SW1X

Dear whomever this may concern I am a 16 year old ballet dancer moving to England to study at a ballet school. As rent is very expensive, I am looking for a job like this to help me raise money for my school fees and give me somewhere to stay. Unfotunately, I may not meet all your requirements but I am responsible and mature and I am willing to learn any new skills that would better equip me for the job. I have lived alone for 6 months and I am capable of housekeeping, cleaning and cooking...
Khadijah, senior home help in London W1H

My name is Khadijah Ali, but my home name is Rima. I use to live with my nan for most of my life and got use to helping her out on daily chores in the house and looking after in helping her bath or do the shopping. Later on this year, I had to move back to London and missed looking after someone elderly I guess or to be honest looking after someone who needs my support and care so I've decided to go for it again and try find someone to look after. I believe in giving back to society and what ...
Marianna, carer - EC1A London

Sono un Assistente Sanitario piena di energia e una lavoratrice altamente qualificata e motivata con certificazione professionale di "Assistente domiciliare e dei servizi tutelari". Ho esperienze in Clinica Privata (circa 50 anziani) e in Famiglie Private e ho esperienza sia in Italia che all'estero. Sono impegnata nella qualità, agisco sempre con integrità e cerco costantemente di dare il meglio di me. Ho grande esperienza nel fornire elevati standard di servizio e di supporto in ogni mo...
Anita, senior home help - WC2R London

My name is Anita, im 35 years old married mature woman. I can cook and bake and drive and do shopping and cleaning also if needed.Happy to help when i can and when i have the spare time. Im patient and happy fun person to be around with, can go outings if the person needed to have fresh air parks and so on and also can read or play games if i know the game of course. Ive have had helped my grandparents also my dad was ill for years and i was there for help him, taking him to doctors hospit...
Khadia, home help in London

At Present I am working at Primary School as a TA, during my employment, I have learned to be patient, approachable and flexible in meeting the demands of each child. I understand that every child is unique with different needs and I ensure that my support is adapted to the child's needs. I have extensive experience of working with children and throughout my career; I have worked well within a team and have thrived in new challenges. I have 10 years progressive experience caring for children ...
Judith, home help in London

Dear Sir or Madam, I have worked as a child carer for 5 years and have helped my own grandparents in their daily tasks. I would describe myself as patient, good natured, helpful and kind. I would enjoy doing the shopping, laundry, cooking, gardening and playing card/boad games. Kind regards Judith
Victoria, senior home help - W1H London

I'm an actress with a lot of experience spending time with elderly people. I often spend time with my grandparents and assist them in various activities such as shopping and transport and from an early age helped to care for my Grandfather who passed away from a neurological disease when I was 12. I have also cared for my grandmother who has dementia and other medical issues. I often sit with her or call her and talk about all sorts of things, even though she is convinced she doesn't know me....
Nakita, senior home help in London

Hello there my name is nakita, I don't have any professional experience but I use to help look after my grandma. I helped her with her shopping, cleaning and just someone she could talk to we took trips to the library and go for short walks
Flaena, home help - EC1A London

Molto affidabile e precisa. Con referenze
Nia, senior home help - SW1X London

I have always been a kind, energetic, loving person. I cherish my grandparents therefore I have a lot of respect towards elderly people. I am known to visit elderly people at my church and spend time with them as much of them are lonely due to their partners passing away or their own family not seeing them enough. I can carry out many tasks to help the elderly people such as carrying their shopping to preparing their meals as I have been taught how to cook from a young age. I can also provid...
Cheryl, senior home help in London SW1X

Hello my name is Cheryl I am 44 years old and I have experience with looking after and helping the elderly to do many different things like cooking, shopping, cleaning and hoovering and many different household chores and outdoor outings. I am a very caring, friendly, responsible, reliable and organised person as I have two older children so I am used to a lot of different household cleaning and activities. I have experience with looking after my mum for many years doing a lot of different ...
Angelique, home help in London

I grew up with Grand parent , great grand parent and even remember my great great grandmother when i was 4. Im from a very young family so i have lots of grand parents and i come from huge family :). I always helped the out and did house work, grocery and cooking or baking and fixing stuff around the house. I find eldder people very wise and intresting to be around.
Joy, carer in London

My name is Joy I can help elderly prepare meals, do shopping, wash, bath, (carer) I am caring, patient, polite. I have looked after my mum during weekends who has suffered from stroke for over 5 years, duties includes, washing, feeding, taking her to the bathrooms, preparing meals.
Eriu, senior home help - EC1M London

Hello my name is Eriu and I am an Irish female student. I have been a Homecare worker for the last 2 years in Ireland, the last 6 months spent working for the NHS. I have been provided with all training needed such as medication distribution as well as personal hygiene, manual handling and first aid. I have provided assistance to clients in these past jobs which range from providing company, cooking and assisting with meals, cleaning, medication distribution as well as record taking and more ...
Anna, home help - EC1A London

Siempre he cuidado de mis abuelos, me encanta tanto la gente mayor como los niños

My name is Catherine. I am looking for a family or a single person I can help with cooking, ironing, if they need help to be fed, housekeeping, etc I am experienced in all these things.
Theodora, senior home help - EC4A London

I'm a history student at the University of Oxford who is living in London for the next few months. I am very friendly, willing to learn from those who are wiser than myself, and very patient.
Simona, senior home help - W1H London

Looking for senior assistant jobs in West London.
Karolina, home help - SW1X London

I am an artist with a passion for helping others. I am very well organised, hard working and creative, but most importantly I am a very empathic person and I enjoy spending time making a difference to an individual. I offer help with daily general duties such as shopping or cooking, administrative tasks such as dealing with mail, bills and other subscriptions. But most importantly I offer my company and I am looking forward to learning from an elderly person as much as they have to offer fro...
Rim, senior home help in London SW1X

I am very friendly, tolerant, patient, eager and I get along well with Seniors.
Sherica, senior home help - W1H London

Fast learner very adaptable.
Jessica, home help - WC2R London

Hello, I'm Jessica a 20 year old childrens nursing student, I have lots of experience of within an hospital settings. I am to provide the highest level of care for all my patients when looking after their basic needs and making sure I make their day the best it can be. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Jessica
Ruweyda, home help - EC1A London

I’ve previously worked as a Care Assistant and my duties consisted of.. - Helping them with their immediate needs as well as helping them with basic day-to-day or administrative tasks. - Fostered a safe and loving environment for them - exercising skills in patience, attention to detail and de-escalation.

I am a friendly, reliable and helpful person. I love getting to know people and their stories. I feel I am good company and very good at making people smile. Abit about myself; I am studying a levels and going to university in September 2016. I play the piano and sing classically. I love musicals and creating films. I wish to do this professionally.
Mihret, senior home help in London

My name is Mihret , I am a student in year 11. I can assist elderly people with their weekly shopping, eating, cleaning and keep them company. I can offer to read a book or take them them for a walk. I love helping elderly people because it gives me a great satisfaction. I haven't had much experience apart from taking care of some elderly family members.