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Tharin, home help in Oldham

My name is Tharin and I am 18 years old. I am currently studying Sport at Oldham College and do wish to create a career out of this however I am willing to gain extra experience in other areas. I am able to assist the elderly by doing simple activities such as ironing, general cleaning/washing, house shopping and even reading books to them to keep them entertained. I am highly respectful of elders, I am also very sympathetic, caring, approachable, friendly, and dependable. I have experience i...
Tasleem, home help in Oldham

I am a carer working in a care home at present. I have 10 years of experience, I work with people with dementia, people who are disabled and give support to those who require help with bathing dressing feeding etc. I am very patient and understanding has I believe we should help and assist others the way we would like to be assisted
Tia, home help in Oldham

I love to help the more vulnerable in society, and I hope that when that becomes me that I am treated how I treat the more vulnerable in society
Gemma, senior home help - OL1 Oldham

Hi! I'm Gemma, a happy young lady interested in helping others. I've currently just left school and I am starting college in September. I help a lot with my Nan, I help her clean, assist cooking and visit her at home for a good chat. I love to talk, but I'm just as good as a listener! I love spending time with people of any age and background; helping with little jobs and staying with them when they simply just need someone to talk to.

I’m Jordan and I’m 20 years old, I have always liked helping people in there lives and making people’s lives as easy as they can be, I have had experience with elderly when I looked after my termanly Ill nana, I helped her cook, clean, do the shopping, get in and out of bed, take her medication, feed her meals, bath her and change dressings, help her to relax and enjoy the end of her life, since then I have always wanted to do it again and help other families and elderly with every day life
Olivia, home help in Oldham OL1

My name is olivia and i am 17 years old after helping my grandma with certain things she is unable to do on her own it made me realise i would like to help other elderly people as i would hate for them to suffer and i would be honoured if anyone got back to me with offers to help x

Hello, 29yrs female with health & social care level 2! I have experience in preparing meal, shopping, personal care, house work!

Im a loving and caring 23 year old mum of a beautiful 2 year old girl. I can cook clean iron and really do anything. I have taken care of my grandparents and woukd love to spend time with you and promise to make you smile

I am a very good listener. I am caring, compassionate and always to bring ease to peoples lives