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Bethany, senior home help in Rochdale OL16

I’m a 15 year old girl currently studying health and social care in school. I love helping people and am always happy to help anyone I can. I am able to thoroughly clean and tidy your home, iron your clothes, feed any pets, do your shopping and help in any other way I can. I can cook simple meals but I’m not the best cook and I can assist you with eating your meal if you need that help. I can also just talk and keep you company reading or doing whatever you like to do.
Chanel, senior home help in Rochdale OL16

I'm a 15 year old girl looking for part-time work during the holidays and weekends. I'm currently working towards my maths and science GCSE as I have already accomplished my Art and English. I love shopping and cleaning. I would love the opportunity to work for you.
Holly, senior home help in Rochdale OL16

Hi, I'm holly and I'm offering to read/keep you company/ housecleaning/assisting you with meals as well as shopping.I am 15 years old however I would love the experience this job would provide, also, my Nana recently passed and I feel by helping people that need it most it will help me to remember her everyday, I am kind, patient and willing to assist you with your needs. My main qualities are that I'm organized, caring, patient and I'm a good listener, I'm confident and I'm not afraid to try...
Shannon, home help in Rochdale

Hi I'm shannon . I'm based in Rochdale but am willing to travel. I am only 13 but I am capable of doing tasks around the house such as cleaning and cooking. I am very friendly, happy and trustworthy person. I love spending time with my grandparents and I help them around the house. I am a very chatty person and I would be perfect in the role of keeping people company. I am willing to work for free if necessary but any amount of money is appreciated. I hope you consider hiring me