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Megan, home help in Southampton

I would love to help out whoever needs assistance in the fields I have specified in my profile. I love looking after others and I know how challenging it can be on occasions but that doesn't stop me from wanting to help in any way I can. I am able to cook, bake and I am very good at cleaning and ensuring everything is sanitary. I have given help to my grandad when my nan used to go off to work on occasions, such as making sure he had all his medication, and most importantly, so he wasn't bor...
Miroslava, senior home help in Southampton SO15

Hello, I am young girl And I am not afraid of any work:-) Don't be afraid to contact me :-)
Astrid, home help in Southampton

My name is Astrid and I am 16 years old. I am a hard working young person who is motivated and takes pride in every task that I am given. I am currently a college student therefore can work around certain times for example mainly during weekends such as Saturday mornings as well as most of the day on Sunday. The help that I am able to offer to the elderly is doing things such as house work for example hoovering, cleaning, dusting, and if needed, I have had a bit of experience in gardening i...
Eleasha, home help in Southampton

I grew up with my mum working in care homes and she would always bring me along! I would always go and visit the lady’s in there rooms when I was about ten and keep them company having a little chat or doing things they needed! I loved it from such a young age helping people out! I am a very people person and I enjoy knowing I’m helping other people out! I formed really close relationships in my mums care home so much that it was like I worked there at the age of ten! Helping my mum take thin...
Shelby, home help in Southampton SO15

my names shelby im 16 i see my nan every day to make her breakfast do house work cleaning and even poping to the shop! which i love spending time with the elderly not only my nan but the other people that live a few doors up from her and would like to make a change into your family memebers life i charge a cheap price as money is not to waste and would rather do it out kidness but its enough for me to get the items i need!!
Alicia, home help in Southampton SO15

My name is Alicia and I am 19 years old. I am a fun and caring person, who loves making people smile. I have experience with helping older people like my grandparents. I am willing to help with chores such as housework, cleaning and cooking, as well as just being a friend who can talk to them, read to them and take them out places, as I believe at this age it's important to not feel isolated.
Sharon, senior home help - SO15 Southampton

Looking to earn some extra pocket money during my free time - i enjoy being with my grandparents when i was younger but unfortunately i live away from home now.
Tania, home help in Shirley

Bonjour, Je cherche quelqu'un qui peut m'aider avec les corrections de travaux académiques de la fac et en échange je peux vous enseigner l'espagnol ou l'anglais. J’étais professeure en Angleterre. Tania
Filippa, home help in Southampton SO15

My name is filippa and I am 18 years old. I have grown up living with and caring for my grandparents. My grandfather has Alzheimer's, so I am used to dealing with the difficulties that this can bring. I am also used to mobility issues as my other grandfather who also lives with me at my mothers residence, has a severely damaged back due to a previous accident. I am willing to do most things.
Mapenzi, home help in Southampton SO15

I would like to help make someone's life easier and help them feel more relaxed. I'm very hardworking and polite and a great conversationalist
Shelbie, home help - SO15 Southampton

I'm shelbie and I have always had a role working with elderly whether it be family or not. I currently volunteer at a care home for people with brain injuries, where I keep them company and talk to them. I was once a volunteer for the weston city youth project where I would serve food to the elderly, sit with them while they ate, talk to them and I would then help clean the kitchen
Inês, home help - SO15 Shirley

I am a 18 year old portuguese student looking for a part time job. I can speak 3 languages.
Melfi Alejandra, senior home help in Northam SO14

My name is Alejandra Bonilla, I am from Spain. I have experience in caring for older people because my mother works with them, I have worked on holidays and weekends. I am patient, responsible and nice.

A sociable student seeking to provide services in healthcare, in my local area. For the last three years I gained experience in care people, as part of my university studies in Medicine.
Revathy, home help in Southampton SO15

i would like to help old people .
Naomi, senior home help - SO15 Southampton

hello, im Naomi, im 21 years old. I have 3 years experience working in domiciliary care. I enjoy helping individuals with their day to day tasks, im a happy bubbly flexible person.

I am helpful and can clean houses i can do shopping for you as i sometimes do our house shop

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