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GCSE qualifications • English Literature - A • English Language - B • Mathematics - A • Psychology - B • Chemistry - B • Biology - B • Physics - B • French - C • Business Studies - A* • IT - B I also have A Levels in Psychology, English Literature and Mathematics. I have also previously volunteered at a local primary school. In this role as a teaching assistant, I was responsible for monitoring the behaviour of the students whilst providing support for the teaching staff. I wo...
Amy, teacher  tutoring / homework help in Dudley

I am a 21 year old female second year university student studying primary education and specialising in English.

I am a secondary student studying for my GCSE's. I would more than happily encourage your kids to love maths and help them enjoy that subject as well as teach them in a flexible way as necessary for the child.If struggling in a certain area I wouldn't mind covering that topic with the student in anyway possible and more than happily repeat anything if necessary. I volunteer at school on Friday to help out with the primary kids who come to our school for lessons so I have some experience worki...