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Paige, cleaner - CV1 Coventry

Hello, I'm paige , female, and I'm very outgoing and very active. I help out around the house I have moved house before so I have experience as I helped my parent out a lot and I help my mum around the house as my mum is disabled so I help and do all the chores as I'm her carer so there isn't not job I can't help out with!
Leigha, house keeper - CV1 Coventry

I have worked in many professional households including palaces. I am happy to get my hands dirty and will get stuck in to most tasks.
Maite Alejandra, cleaner in Coventry

Me gusta mantener la casa limpia y ayudar a otras personas.
Chantal, ironing in Coventry CV1

Mi chiamo Chantal, sono italiana ed ho 26 anni. Risiedo nel Comune di Valsamoggia e sono automunita. Attualmente mi occupo di pulizie domestiche per una famiglia di Bazzano. Per qualsiasi informazione resto a disposizione. Chantal
Shazia, cleaner in Coventry CV1

My name is shazia. I can offer to look after your house as best as I can. As being the eldest in the family I take the biggest role in cleaning and looking after my own house and I feel I would be perfect in looking after your house :)
Petra, house keeper in Coventry CV1

I was doing some housekeeping while being an au pair for six months. Recently I have been doing a cleaning and housekeeping in a hotel.
Emma, house keeper - CV1 Coventry

i am a twenty year old criminology student studying at coventry university. i am from a big family of eight brothers and sisters and have a lot of experience with house work as i regularly help my parents out around the house. i have also some experience with cleaning accommodation at my previous job. I am willing to various jobs round the house such as cleaning, hoovering, ironing, change bedding, washing, gardening, house sitting and cook.
Olivia, ironing in Coventry

15 year old female. I take care a lot at home so I am totally willing to help others. From rugby area:)
Kylea, house keeper in Coventry

I am Kylea and I am 18. I'm currently looking for a full time job where I am able to put day to day skills to use. I can help with shopping, cleaning houses or even just feed your pets whilst you're away. I am available full time as I meantioned so I'd be on call whenever you need me
Letícia, house keeper in Coventry

Hi, I'm Leticia, 28 years old I’m living in Coventry , I have a lot experience with Cleaner and house sitter. I worked in New Zealand as a Cleaner( I did house family, and holiday house, offices as well. I could help with cleaning and prepare some meals to the elderly. My main qualities are work under pressure, hard working and proactive.

I am 20 years and i am a friendly and energetic individual where i love to help everyone with anything tats needed to help.

I am 17 years old, have been helping around the house for my mum or my aunties

I'm a very helpful, sensible person. I love helping people no matter what. I'll be more than happy to help anybody

Looking for experience, so willing to help do anything that needs to be done