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Emma, dog walking   Bradley Stoke

I am a 21 year old female, who studies at university. I am very punctual and have had experience with animals before. I have my own cat, his name is chilli, he is coming up to 13 years old, I got him when he was 6 weeks old. I also had a lizard who lasted several years until she sadly passed away. I have looked after my parents dogs and fish, which range from small dogs to bigger dogs, as well as tank fish or pong fish. I have also looked after Guinea pigs and hamsters from othe...
Danielle, dog walking in Ashford TN24

Hello my name is Danielle, I am 19 years old, I have 2 Staffie dogs, 3 cats, 2 fish, and 4 rabbits. I love animals and apriciate how much joy they can bring aswell as understanding there needs. My experience with pet walking i used to walk a gentlemans 5 dogs every night after school I did this for 6 months until I moved and I loved every minute of this. The walks would average on around 2 hours each day but I am more than happy to do longer. I am training for a trekathon in September and it ...
Vicky, dog walking - TN24 Ashford

Hello my name is Vicky I am 15 years old I am looking for a job that I will like I love animals and have past experience with them as I have dogs and cats myself please contact me hope to hear from you Vicky:)
Georgia, dog walking in Ashford TN24

Hiya! My name is Georgia I am a 17 year old living in Ashford, Kent. I do not currently have any pets of my own but I have always loved working and playing with animals, I have helped out with family and friends cats and dogs but I have little experience with other animals; however, I am willing to learn and have no allergies or issues with working with any type of animal. I am available evenings and weekends and would love to get more experience working with animals!
Danni, animal boarding - TN24 Ashford

I adore all animals and enjoy devoting my time to them. I am wanting to have a future career in the animal care industry and would love to increase my experience with animals. I and my family have owned different sizes and breeds of dogs for my whole life. We have also had other pets in the household such as a kitten, fish, rabbits, and hamsters. I am also flexible with needs and willing to compromise.
Sabrina, dog walking in Ashford TN24

Hi my name is Sabrina I have a bearded dragon and fish and I have also looked after dogs and cats
Grace, dog walking in Ashford TN24

I have had pets all my life and enjoy looking after them. I currently have a springer spaniel named Otis. And a cat named Max. My family has owned a lot of animals over the years and have experience of looking after them.

I love all animals and have 3 huskies of my own. I am vegan because I cannot stand any cruelty to animals but dont exoect everyone else to be.