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Danielle, dog walking - ME4 Chatham

Hi My name is Danielle and I love animals I'd love to learn more about caring for them.
Lorna, dog walking in Chatham ME4

Hello families! My name is Lorna, I am 21 and currently living in Chatham, Kent. I am absolutely passionate about caring for animals and pet sitting, and I am currently looking for families who would like me to walk, feed or simply keep their dogs and/or cats company! I am currently taking care of a little boy tabby, named Olaf who is two years old. We love to play in our pop up tunnels and with feathers and monkeys! Olaf is fed a healthy diet consisting of good meats, cat milk, p...
Amy, dog walking - ME4 Chatham

My name is Amy I'm a 20 year old ex university student looking for part/full time work. Whilst looking for work I thought I would offer my services to busy pet owners looking for extra help with their furry friends! Myself and my parents own a french bulldog named Doris, she is 8 months old and an absolute joy. Living in Kent means I'm 3 hours away from my best friend and would love to help look after someone else's!
Anjali, dog walking - ME4 Chatham

i absolutely love animals and an confident taking dogs out for walks. I have had the experience to do this i my local neighbourhood where I would babysit. I am happy to feed and play with cats. i have also taken care of rabbits and fish. i have no pets at present but had cats when younger. I would not be able to host an animal at present. perhaps in the future.

My name is Robert , i am 20 years old and i am looking for a job in animal care. I am a reliable and flexible individual, who is polite and helpful with a warm and friendly manner. I am punctual, honest, trustworthy with amicable communication, problem solving, organisational and time management skills. My pets include a Cat named Lina who lives at my home, my aunt's two golden retrievers Bash and Marley, and a friend's dog named Rosey. I have cared for each of these animals at one point ...
Ghislaine, dog walking in Chatham

Hello, my name is Ghislaine and I am 18 years old :) I have had several pets from a young age and I have also looked after other people's pets. I really enjoy being around animals. I have looked after dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, hamsters, and tortoises. If the opportunity ever arose to look after an animal within my family, I would always be recommended and put my name forward for that chance.

My name is Rebecca and I own my own pets but would like to look after other peoples as well. I own a hamster, a rabbit and a cat and have previously had guinea pigs as well. I've never had mice or rats but wouldn't mind looking after them for someone else. I love animals and have always had them in the house since I was small. I have always wanted a dog but the landlord where I live is strict and won't let us have a dog.
Samantha, dog walking - ME4 Chatham

My name is samantha and i love animals i have dogs cats guinipigs fish bearded dragon and a rabbit
Libby, dog walking in Chatham ME4

I am used to caring for dogs due to the fact I’ve grown up around dogs.
Sophie, dog-sitter in Chatham ME4

I have a 3 year old patterdale so i know how to look after animals
Leia, dog walking in Chatham ME4

looking to go into animal care love animal!
Romualda, dog walking in Chatham ME4

Hi there, it's not an easy task to leave your animals in home while you are working, so that's why you need me! I love animals and they would be in good hands. Ask me anything that we could make a deal!

I am a single parent who has lots of spare time to look after animals. I am looking to get back into employment now my children are older but would be delighted to be able to work with animals. I have had dogs previously myself so I am fully capable of handling and walking.
Veronika, animal boarding - ME4 Chatham

Hello My name is Veronika. I from Czech Republic but I live a Chatham I love you animals. I'll take care of your pets :-) I'll be glad when I hear from you.

i love all animals my dog especially we go on walks to the park and visiting friends and family

i love animals, i have a dog and fish at home
Louise, dog walking in Chatham

I love amiles have a cat mum dad have 5 cats and a working dog.

Hello my name is Karis I love animals because I think that they are the best animals, I have not worked with cats but I know I'm good at looking after animals.