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Jessica, dog walking - ME1 Rochester

Hello, Im Jess and I would be interested in looking after animals. I have a love for animals, and looking after them. currently, I have two cats, Jess and Gracie, which I always looks after, i.e. feeding and watering them. in the past I have had dogs, ranging in size and breed, and I have also had hamsters. when I was about 10-13 I used to look after my neighbours guinea pigs when she went out for a couple of hours, giving them love, attention and food. I also help out with my friend at time...
Eugenia, dog walking - ME1 Rochester

Hello, My name is Eugenia. I'm 39 years old. If you need my help with pets, I'm here ;) I have a dog myself and I love animals. Well, that's a short story about me. Will tell you more when we'll meet up ;)
Samantha, dog walking - ME1 Rochester

I'm caring and kind as well as an animal lover. I have walk dogs before and don't mind picking up dog mess.

Hi I am Tia I don't have any professional experience looking after animals however I have had pets my whole life amd have always loved animals and spending time around animals. I am avaliable for dog walking or to feed your pet whilst you are away. I currently only have one pet, a cat named Sam. I would be able to take dogs on walks after school, before school and on weekend mornings. I am also avalibale any time during school holidays. Hope to here from you many thanks Tia :).
Libby, dog walking in Rochester ME1

Hello my name is Libby . I am 16 years old, and I am located in Rochester Kent. I would like to upload an ad, because I love animals and, I would like a job walking dogs in my local area. I do have experience with this, as me and my family look after a family members dog all the time, and I take the dog on walks on the time, when we are looking after her. My Uncle's dog that we look after sometimes is called Poppy, she is 14 years old. I am not quite sure what breed she is, but she is a lov...
Jessica, dog walking - ME1 Rochester

Hi, im Jessica and im 16 years old. For work experience, i worked at pets at home, while i was there i would feed the animals and clean the cages. I have 2 guinea pigs, 2 dogs and 1 cat. im not really scared when it comes to feeding fish and washing the tanks window inside, walking dogs, bathing animals etc I clear out the guinea pigs cage every other week (my brother does it the other weeks). All my pets are well looked after. Im alright with odents such as rats, hamsters etc they...
Rebecca, dog walking in Rochester

I love dogs and wish I could have one but I am unfortunately not allowed to have one in my property. I'm very energetic and I go on long walks on my own so would like some company and there's nothing better than taking a loyal dog with you.

Hi my name is Kayleigh I love animals. I have two rabbits, a hedgehog, a python, budgies and green spotted puffer fish

I love animals and have previously had dogs myself. I love to walk dogs and make the walk interesting for them.