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Eloise, dog walking in Gillingham ME7

Hello my name is Eloise and I am 17. I have a lot of experience with all kinds of animals from hamsters, dogs and cats to all kinds of reptiles. I have a passion for animals and know how to handle them well. I am happy to take dogs for walks and check on animals daily if you are away. I currently have 22 corn snakes, one ball python, one Columbian mountain boa, 5 guinea pigs, two tortoises, one rabbit and one hamster. I have previously fostered hedgehogs and bearded dragons and have experie...
Lucinda, dog walking - ME7 Gillingham

My name is Lucinda. I am born in Australia, Sydney , but I have lived the past 18 years in Bulgaria. My favourite things in the world are animals and children.All my life I have been looking after different kind of animals. Since a kid I was driving my mother crazy by showing in at home with all kinds of animals or wanting one-birds, cats, dogs, all kind of lizards, snakes, praying mantis, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters etc...Now I am thinking of getting a mini pig, they are so smart and cute...
Cristina, dog walking in Gillingham

I have a dog, cat and two rabbits. I love all types of animals and love to go for walks. I don't mind looking after any animal and any amount. If you have 9 cats or just 1 dog im happy with looking after them and I can assure you they will be in very good care! If you have any questions please feel free to email or text me and I will be looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your animals! :)
Eduardo, dog walking in Gillingham

I'm only 15 years old (16 in 4 months time) and I had 2 dogs ( pit bulls) that I left in Portugal with my mom when I moved into England with my dad. I used to give then food, take them for a walk and clean after them. I love animals and also love take care of them and play with them. Thanks
Sophie, dog walking - ME7 Gillingham

Hello my name is Sophie. I live in the Gillingham area. I have grown up around all types of animals including hamsters, Guinea pigs, small and large birds, dogs, cats, reptiles and more. My parents have taught me how to care for them and I have had a lot of experience at home doing this. I have also gone to family members and friends houses to care for their pets while on holidays. I treat all animals with respect and make sure they are happy by giving them the attention they need and the nec...
Georgia, dog walking in Gillingham

My name is Georgia and i am a full time criminology student at Kent University. I recently moved to Kent from Hertfordshire for my studies. I am looking for a part time job to keep me busy in between university work. I have a beautiful cat at home called Joules and often look after neighbors pets.
Siobhan, dog walking in Gillingham ME7

I am a journalism student at the university of Kent, which has actually left me far away from my own pets back home. So this is a job that would give me a chance to hopefully miss my darlings less. I have currently have 5 dogs, 3 Jack Russles, a corgi cross (I have yet to work out Joey's other half.) a kelpie. I am excellent with pets and love all animals since I grew up on a farm.
Bethany, dog walking - ME7 Gillingham

I am 16 years of age who has a real live of all animals. I often look after my own animals of a cat and fish. I used to have African land snails so I'm used to reptiles. I walk family members dogs often. I'm a real animal lover!

i have a dog she's lovely called katie i take her for walks play with her and feed her

I have previously owned a cat called monty I currently own a Labrador who is 5 years old called barney I have also owned fish in the past
Rakshya, dog walking in Gillingham

Hi, My name is Rakshya.I am an army housewife, I live in gillingham.I love animals specially dogs.I used to have a doberman and mixed German shepherd dogs.I am friendly and active.I would love to hear from you soon.

Animal lover, owner of two dogs and a cat.

I absolutely love dogs and I'm looking to be more active so dog walking would tick two big boxes for me