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Rosanna, dog walking in Exeter

Hi there! My name is Rosie and I absolutely love animals... and I mean love them! I live in Cape Town, South Africa but am currently in my first year of university at Exeter Uni. I am lucky enough to have three amazing pets at home! I have two beautiful kitties who are the best things ever, and two sweet doggies who are crazy and loving. I also love reptiles, sadly I have never had one as a pet! I really really hope that I can be of help. Thanks a lot ! :)
Araceli, dog walking in Exeter EX2

Hola, mi nombre es Araceli: Soy una persona muy responsable y amante de los animales, de todo tipo. He tenido la suerte de poder tener mascotas, tanto roedores como aves y peces, en la actualidad tengo casi una docena de periquitos, uno de ellos adiestrado. Actualmente me ofrezco para el cuidado de perros, aves y roedores. Soy bastante activa, por lo que considero que pasear perros se me dará bien; además estoy en forma, por lo que podré les seguir el ritmo y controlarlos en caso de que sea...
Abigail, dog-sitter in Exeter EX2

Hello my name is Abby and I'm 16. I have 3 cats and a hamster at the moment but have previously owned birds, fish, small animals and a dog. I have recently volunteered at my local animal shelter - The Cats Protection League. This involved cleaning the facilities, playing with the cats and general care ( feeding, litter changing etc). I am available whenever needed and charge reasonably low prices.

Hi my name is Wiktoria, I'm a young and enthusiastic girl with a huge passion for animals. I currently have a leopard gecko named Henry who I've had for coming up almost 10 years now and although Henry is a lovely pet and gets all the affection a gecko could possibly get, he's getting old and sleeps a lot and I can't exactly take him for walks. I enjoy both being inside all cosied up and being outside, getting some fresh air and exercise but it's lonely without a fury companion and due t...
Alysha, dog walking - EX2 Exeter

Hello, I love animals and would make sure your precious pet was loved and cared for. I have had: a cat, dogs, rabbits and a dwarf lop, Guinea pigs, hamsters and dwarf hamsters and rats so I have a fair bit of experience in looking after pets. I would feel most comfortable in looking after these animals but would be open to the care of most other animals (other than birds, sorry). Feedings, exercise, play and cleaning are all within my abilities. I hope to hear from you soon. Alysha
Kelly, dog walking - EX2 Exeter

I have been responsible for a number of roles which I balance across the week. Dog walking and sitting for 4 people on a regular basis weekly, ensuring the welfare of the dogs and going into owners homes or looking after in my own.
Alba, host family for dog in Exeter EX2

Alphintong road 75 I love animals now I'm living in Uk and I can't for that reason y want to take care the animals or other persons
Laetitia, dog walking in Exeter EX2

My parents have two dogs, who had 11 puppies, so I took care of a lot of dogs of very different ages all throughout my childhood. We also have a cat who is now 6 years old, and I took care of him since he was 3 months old. I am used to being around animals, and I really love to take care of them; whether it is to play with them, feed them or take them out for a walk.
Megan, dog-sitter - EX2 Exeter

Hello, my name is Megan I am 20 years old, I love animals as i used to live in Portugal, i used to have a farm, with dogs, pigs, sheep, horses, lambs, cockerels, chickens, hamsters ect.. I have moved back to England and only have one dog, I miss looking after animals and taking care of them, Id love to look after animals again as it brings happiness into my life.
Sarah, dog walking in Exeter EX2

Hello! :) I'm Sarah, a student in Exeter College studying performing arts. I am very keen on walks and runs and would love to take your dog with me! I have two cats, Garfield and Scarlett, therefore I would say I have more experience looking after cats. I also have some experience looking after dogs and walking them as I have looked after many family members' dogs overnight. Additionally, I have looked after fish and rodents in the past. I would love to meet you and your pet - feel free to m...
Sarah, host family for dog in Exeter EX2

My name is Sarah, I am a animal lover! I have a dog which is called Bonnie and a cat who is izzy. I am fine with looking after your animals, taking care of them and giving them the love and Attention they need. I am 23 years old and I have been growing up with all types of animals so I have a lot of experience :) Would love to hear from you.
Ellie, dog walking - EX2 Exeter

My name is Ellie, I am fourteen years old, I live in the area of Alphington in Exeter. I am a big lover of animals, especially dogs, unfortunately I have never actually had my own dog but I've had many others, fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and a horse. Willing to walk dogs any day of the week after 3pm as that is when I finish school, or to feed your pets or just visit animals and keep them company for however long. Message me for any other details or unanswered things you would like t...
Annie, dog walking in Exeter EX2

Hello pet owners, I am a student at university of exeter studying sociology and criminology with a passion for animals. My family has 2 dogs, one of which is my puppy and one cat. We love animals and I have a lot of experience in looking after dogs all the time and walking them. As a student my flexibility is high and would be available at many times so emergency pet sitting or walking would be available. I love animals and would take pride in looking after pets alongside actually...
Zaynep, dogsitter in Exeter

A real interest in working with animals the ability to handle animals patiently, gently and confidently the ability to cope with upsetting situations like working with injured or badly treated animals a willingness to do dirty or unpleasant tasks the ability to take responsibility for the duty of care of animals
Madeleine, dog walking - EX2 Exeter

My name is Madeleine, I am 21 years old and I am studying Acting at Arts University Bournemouth. I am currently on my summer holiday, so this is an opportunity to get some work before I head back at the end of September. I absolutely adore animals, I have a dog called Zuma and a cat called Megs. Feel free to send me a message if you need any kind of help with your pets.
Esther, cat-sitter - EX2 Exeter

Hiya, I am a second year student at the University of Exeter studying French and Anthropology. I would love to look after your pets -- I personally have had cats, axolotls, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs.... all sorts! I am happy to feed yours, play with them, & clean them too.

I'm Phoebe and I'm 14 years old. I have had some experience in petsitting, my friends dogs/ hamster. I also have looked after many pets of my own such as rabbits, Guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, dogs, tortoise and fish. I'm willing to walk, feed and groom pets. And I can cover all of Exeter and surrounding areas.

I am very keen to start more work straight away. I love animals and have had lots of animals since I was born. I am only 16 but am very energetic and willing to put a lot of effort into any job. I have now finished high school and I am starting college in September
Amelia, dog walking in Exeter EX2

I am a fifth year medical student at the university of Exeter. I am available for dog walking and petsittig from October. I have a lot of experience with animals, dogs expecially. I have 2 labradoodles of my own and we have had two litters of puppies. They are very energetic and need a lot of exercise and good control. I have also kept chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises and even a leopard gecko! So would be willing to look after the other animals that you have. I look forward to ...
Franky, dog walking - EX2 Exeter

I recently moved here from South Africa, leaving my lovely childhood dog, Copper. I'm a nineteen year old girl, on her gap year! I love animals, and this is the perfect opportunity to get to spend some quality time! Iv had many pets as a child, ranging from a cat and dog to guinea pigs, hamsters and chickens! My parents travelled a lot, so pets were always a real treasure.
Danielle, dog walking in Exeter EX2

I have 3 dogs of my own ... poppy, Tyson and biscuit I look after them while my mum goes out and I also Fred them and give them water and I also walk then every evening

I love animals and have a dog and tortoise. I am happy to visit your pets and walk if needed. I may also be able to pet sit overnight if you need.

im 16 a school leaver an i have a cocker spaniel puppy. i look after a british and french bulldog and also cats in the holidays for my sister. i have had hamsters and guinea pigs.