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Jasmine, dog walking in Plymouth

I have always loved animals, my mum is allergic to fur, and I have been in student accommodation for 2 years where you cannot have pets. I have always wanted my own pets, and so I have always been up for helping friends and others with walking and helping look after their own pets. I am an outgoing individual who works hard and would love to help people out. I enjoy helping others. I spent a week at a friends house looking after two springers, a cat and lots of fish. One of the dogs is a ...
Braya, dog walking in Plymouth PL2

I have helped my mum house sit for many years which has included looking after many animals and so I know what type of needs the animals need. I have grown up with dogs since I was young and am not afraid of meeting new animals.
Jules, dog walking in Plymouth PL4

Hi! My name is Jules , I'm 18 years old and currently studying at Plymouth College of Art. I used to have a dog who sadly passed away last year and have had experience looking after her and the pets of family and friends.
Safia, dog walking - PL4 Plymouth

My name is Safia and I am 19 years old. I am currently studying in my first year at Plymouth University. I have many years of experience in terms of looking after pets (my own and others) and have experience with looking after a wide range of animals. Unfortunately I am unable to host animals as I am currently staying in university halls however I am available for pet sitting and am a very trustworthy and reliable individual. I have a deep love for all animals and I can guarantee that I...
Janine, dog walking in Plymouth

I am a qualified and experienced nanny/chef/pet owner. I have owned and/or had experience of looking after birds (budgies, canaries, parakeets, hens, quail, love birds, African grey parrot and ducks), guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, chinchilla, gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, hedgehogs, degu, cats, dogs (assorted breeds from Great Danes and Rhodesian ridgebacks to Chihuahuas and Pekinese and all sorts in between!!), snakes, lizards, geckos, bearded dragons, tortoise, terrapins, fish both tropical an...
Charlotte, host family for dog in Plymouth PL2

My name is Charlotte and I am a pet owner of a cat called Michi and a German Shepard named Nala. I have experience with both big and small dogs
Sacha, dog walking in Plymouth PL4

Hi, I am Sacha, I have grown up with dogs (a Springer Spaniel and Dalmation), and have cared for multiple breeds of dogs, both dog sitting and dog walking. I have also had pet rodents (gerbils and a hamster), and have cared for other animals such as cats, rabbits and fish before. I currently can be flexible with my time as I have no other commitments, and can work around you and your needs. I am happy to help out for you occasionally, if you are going on holiday and need a house and pet sitte...
Megan, dog walking - PL4 Plymouth

I'm a second year student at Plymouth University, studying Marine Biology. I have 2 dogs at home, Jasmine, who is 9 now, and bailey who is 2 years old. Jasmine is a border collie who needs a lot of regular exercise. I like sports and keeping fit, so dog walking is something I enjoy, and have always done. I'm willing to walk early in the morning before I go to University (between 6-8am), as well as early evenings.
Ella, dog walking - PL4 Plymouth

My name is Ella , I'm 19 years old and am currently in my second year studying MPsych Advanced Psychology at Plymouth University. I am quite an animal person, at home I have a cat and a dog who I love looking after. When I'm back from university I take my dog on two walks a day to ensure she has the right amount of exercise and also help with cleaning and feeding them. Therefore, would be looking for dog walking opportunities. I am highly responsible and reliable and could start stra...
Hannah, dog walking in Plymouth PL2

Hi, my name is Hannah, I am 16 and is about to start college in September. I absolutely love animals! Although I have always wanted a dog, I own 2 female rabbits named Georgia and River who are 3 years old and an African Tortoise named Harriot who is 8 years old. I believe animals are beautiful creatures and should be pampered with cuddles, treats and walks! I offer dog walking so that your pooch can get the exercise it needs and I'd be privileged to do so!
Charlotte, dog walking in Plymouth

I love animals, Iv had lots of experience with dogs as I have had dogs growing up So I have experience with walking them and caring for them. I am also volunteering as a kennel assistant at Pdsa to gain animal care experience and in a animal kennel, boarding environment. I am available to pet sit your dog at the owners home.
Chantal, dog walking - PL4 Plymouth

I'm Chantal , I'm 18 and have just finished my first year at college. I'm looking to study Psychology, Sociology, Law and History this September in Cornwall however during the summer I will be living in Plymouth and would just like to make a little bit of extra cash. My family have 3 cats, Kiki, Tifa, and Gimli and also 2 guinea pigs, Aries and Frodo. In the past we have had 2 dogs, Marmite, and Buddy and another 8 guinea pigs as well as 2 hamsters. I absolutely love animals and have been a ...
Leah, dog walking - PL2 Plymouth

Hi I' am Leah. Im 24 years old & I drive and have my own car, I have held my licence for 6 years now! I have many animals of my own, present and previous and have lots of experience from volunteering zoos also. I' am a very active person so like dog walking etc and can be available most of the time. If you would like to know more please don't hesitate to get in touch!
Laurw, host family for dog in Plymouth

I am Laura 22 years old, caring, friendly, active and absolutely love animals. I have always had pets growing up and have 2 crazy dogs back at home so I will be capable of looking after any animal no matter what their behaviour. All animals welcome. Please don't hesitate to contact me, your pet will be in safe hands!
Tanisha-gaige, dog walking in Plymouth PL2

Hello , I am tanisha-gaige I have had many animals over the last 6-7 years. I have had 5 dogs , 2 Rabbits , 1 hamster , 1 Parrot , And over 12 fish. I do take full care of each and every animal and i thought by having a ad will show i am willing to visit the houses of the families , Taking care for all animals. I am able to clean , Feed , Groom , Walk , And play with all animals.And caring for their needs.I do have experience in taking care of other families pets , I have once lo...
Lucy, dogsitter - PL2 Plymouth

I love family pets! I have always had dogs and always loved building a caring and loving relationship with pets. A happy pet means a happy owner!!
Shadi, dog walking in Plymouth PL4

Hello, I am a 3rd year paediatric nursing student who loves dogs and would love to be able to own one but due to my living circumstance at the moment this is not possible. I love walking dogs and would love to do so and earn a little money. My flexibility varies but i am very easy to talk to and would always try my best to arrange times most convenient for you.
Stacey, dog walking in Plymouth

I've looked after friends/families pets on various occasions. I also have pets of my own :)
Riya, dogsitter - PL2 Plymouth

I am a 15 year old currently studying in boarding school at York. I ma currently looking for any summer work. I am a reliable and mature person and I enjoy caring for pets. I adore animals and currently volunteer at an animal rehab centre for hedgehogs! :)
Emma, look after fish in Plymouth

Thought this could be handy to someone leaving plymouth for a while or trips etc
Sophie, dog walking - PL2 Plymouth

Hi I’m Sophie and I’m 15. love animals and I have since I was young. I’ve had pets since I was born which include cats, dogs and fish. Animals are something I’ve liked forever and I am not afraid of any animals either. I’d like to be able to dogsit particularly because I love dogs but I am okay with any animals and just checking in on animals and feeding them when necessary. I’ve mainly been around medium sized or small dogs but I am okay with big dogs too.
Caitlin, dog walking in Plymouth PL4

Hi, my name is Caitlin and I am currently studying childcare. I have a huge love for the majority of animals, currently in my household I have a hamster and a love bird and I used to have a snake, a dog, guinea pigs and a rabbit. When I move into my own house I am planning to get a few animals myself. I hope you consider me to look after your pet. Many thanks, Caitlin
Katerina, dog walking in Plymouth PL4

My name is Katerina, I am 25 years old, and currently living in Plymouth.I am looking for an occasional pet sitting or walks.I am experienced in taking care of animals as I my family has a dog that I was taking care of before I moved, and I also was an AuPair and all my families had dogs, cats or other animals. I am an animal lover, an I am willing to take care of any kind of animals. Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information.I will be looking forward to hear from you.
Erin, dog walking in Plymouth PL4

I am a 16 year old who is soon turning 17. I am very sensible and the worlds biggest animal lover. In the past i have 6 hamsters, 4 gerbils, 2 guinea pigs and a cat. I currently have 2 hamsters, a dog, a rabbit and a snake. I have had a lot of experience with not only my own animals but also others. I will be able to host rodents (rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, etc) at my house. I am currently studying a levels at Devonport high school for girls (health and social care, religious studi...
Shannon, dog walking - PL2 Plymouth

Hi, my name is Shannon and I'm an 18 mechanical engineering student. I have a bubbly personality and just adore animals with a passion. They're just so cute aren't they? Personally, I have a two year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. His name is Jenson and he's a bit full on an excitable but that's what makes him awesome. I have a lot of experience looking after dogs and a little experience looking after cats but I am easily able to follow instructions. I look forward to hear from...
Ellie, dog walking in Plymouth PL2

I'v grown up around dogs and horses. I have a cocker spaniel.

I enjoy caring for animals and have had a large range of my own pets including fish, tortoise, dogs, cats, budgies, lizards, scorpions and tarantulas and small ferries( rabbits, hamsters and chinchilla.) I currently have my own dog and am confident in walking both big and small dogs. If a pet was to stay in my home for an amount of time it would be allowed in the whole of downstairs as it is hard flooring. We have a good sized back garden with grass and a field close by for walks.
Harriet, dog walking - PL4 Plymouth

I have always had pets since I was child and love being around animals. I have a cat and have also in the past had dogs, fish and guinea pigs. I regularly look after a friend's dogs when they are away. I love walking and would love to be able to take an animal friend with me! I am very reliable and trustworthy and am happy to care for pets when you are away, feed them, anything really!
Maria, dog walking - PL2 Plymouth

I am Maria, I am 23 years old, a student. I love animals and I like to think animals love me! My friends have no problem leaving their pets with me while they´re away and they´re always very well taken care of. I also took care of my rabbit for 8 years, he had 8 very happy years and so did I. I would love to take care of your pet, whether it´s a dog, cat, rabbit, parrot, hamster, anything!
Julia, dog walking - PL4 Plymouth

My name is Julz, and I am a third year student at Plymouth University. I am studying criminology with sociology. I have a lot of experience with pets as I have had dogs since I was born (3 labradors and a labradoodle) and I also have looked after my family and friends pets. I am passionate about animals and would love the chance to spend some time with them.