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Gemma, dog walking in South benfleet

Hi my name is Gemma , I am a massive animal lover as I have 3 cats myself. I have previously owned dogs and hamsters, but I dream of owning a lot more various types of animals. My current pets are Cody, the mother, and John and Edward, the daughters, who are exact replicas of each other and people often find it difficult to tell them apart. There is nothing I love more than caring for animals, it's a dream of mine to make a career out of animal care and I hope you will trust me enough to al...
Jasmine, dog walking - SS7 South benfleet

Hello, my name is Jasmine, I'm 17 years old and I'm currently working towards an apprenticeship in childcare. We have 3 cats and 1 dog at home, I've also been asked to dog sit for my friends 2 huskies before so I have experience with them. I love animals and will always care for them in the best way possible. I'm a well mannered individual who takes responsibility and precautions before I take the next step in doing whatever is required of me.
Abbey, dogsitter - SS7 South benfleet

I have 2 dogs of my own very friendly and look after other dogs! I also have a horse so I'm very experienced in looking after horses so more than happy to look after them! Had and looked after many different animals already:)

My name is Kay , I am a 23 year old South African female currently living in Benfleet. I love animals, and I love the outdoors. I would be happy to take dogs (or even cats) for a walk in the park or to pop over to your house to make sure your rabbits are not chewing your sofas again! I have a particular fondness for reptiles, so if you have some that need looking after - I'm your girl! I have a cat in the UK called Millie - she is very loving and sweet, yet independent (mostly) as she is ...