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Alicia, home help in Glasgow

He cuidado de mis abuelas cuando ya no podían valerse por sí mismas. Actualmente tengo una abuela de 94 años y me encanta estar con ella y que me cuente las cosas que hace durante el día o sobre cualquier tema del que quiera hablar. Me gusta escuchar, soy cariñosa, empática y responsable.
Yusra, home help - G42 Glasgow

My name is Yusra and I am currently studying Msc. One of my interest and hobbies include helping others especially elderly people who can't say much or do things on their own. I realize that when I will get older I want the same care and attention for myself. I don't have any grandparents and I wish i had one. They can give you lots of well wishes in return. Now i simply want to help any older person, make them happy which in turns will make me happy.
Tara, carer in Glasgow G41

Hello, my name is Tara. I am a recent graduate from the Art School here in Glasgow. I'm currently living in Ibrox working in a wee cafe. I am available weekends and evenings during the week. I can help with a range of tasks or simply as company. I have had experience as a personal assistant/carer of a handicapped male taking care of him daily - getting dressed, washed, eating, cooking, cleaning, walks, shopping...
Megan, senior home help - G31 Glasgow

I am a 16 yet old student that loves to sing and cook. I am creative and have a bubbly personality. I live hearing stories of what it was Like during the war and I am quite interested in history. I am a very practical person and am very caring. I am a quite care free, chatty person who loves company especially those with more life experiences that can tell me stories. I am willing to travel and am a dab hand at anything.
Kayla, senior assistant in Glasgow G31

First of all I come from a large family, there is 9 of us. I have 5 younger sisters ages between 2-15, a younger brother aged 1 and also a big brother and sister aged 20&21. I have gained most of my experience through helping bring them up. I also have old grandparents who I look after in my spare time or whenever they need me. I cook, clean, bath, read and keep them company, I give them their medicine if they require them also and they love my support and service. I am an enthusiastic and re...
Karolina, senior home help - G31 Glasgow

I'm hard working , open minded and energetic woman seeking to work with nice and lovely elderly people. My passion is to help in live and to enjoy everyday while making everybody around happy .I have profound experience in working with kids and toddlers therefore I know how to take care of people . I'm nice and always helpful. My skills -willingness to cook delicious and healthy meals -keep cleanace and order stuff -I'm able to listen to and empower -I'm conscientious and dependable, ...
Cosima, senior home help - G3 Glasgow

Hi there! I have not long moved to Glasgow from Poole, Dorset. I have had some experience with care, looking after my grandmother and after her passing, I volunteered on the stroke ward in the hospital she was in, looking after end of life patients, bathing, sitting talking to, general comforting. I find that to be very fulfilling and I’d love to get back into it and help anyone i can. I do currently work part time in the Castlemilk/ croftfoot area but have plenty of spare time around that as...
Victoria, home help in Glasgow G12

I am 19 years old studying English Literature and Politics at the University of Glasgow. I was Head Girl at Sixth Form so looking after people is in my second nature. On my gap year I volunteered a Mother Toddler group where I got the privilege of looking after babies and toddlers. In the summer I hope to travel and volunteer helping refugees in Calais.
Asma, senior home help in Glasgow

Hi my name is Asma, I am 18 years old and I have been living in the UK (Glasgow) for two years.I study at college as an English learner.My grandmom used to live with us untill we moved to the UK and I have been looking after her and helping her with bathing, coocking, shopping, etc.I love to work with old people and look after them.I could work at anytime but I have college in afternoons but I would work in afternoons if I had days off too, please feel free to contact me.
Tamara, home help in Glasgow

Hi, I'm Tamara, I'm 20. I'm great with people, I'm polite, positive and punctual. I'm organised, I can cook, clean, do laundry and iron. Although I don't have any experience, I'd love to try and help people in anyway possible.
Janny, senior home help in Glasgow

I am a young passionate girl with much love for those around me, I will be a great help and company to you! Plus I can clean and Organise a home as well.
Romina, senior home help - G12 Glasgow

I like helping people. I studied Chef and natural food so I can cook very tasty and healty. I am a spanish native speaker.
Donatella, home help in Glasgow

I am studying Psychology and I would love to get some experience in senior caring. I am very patient and determined to do well in whatever I put myself into. I am also a great cook.
Monte, home help in Glasgow

Soy Monte de 20 años y no hay algo que me guste más que pasar tiempo con niños y personas mayores. Estoy dispuesta a ayudar con todo lo necesario tanto para la casa como para beneficios de la persona. Pregúntame y estaré encantada de responderte!! SIN COMPROMISOS
Caitlin, senior home help in Glasgow G31

Hi there I unfortunately lost my papa around a year ago and very much miss his company. He suffered with dementia for three years before he passed away and I spent many evenings and weekends with him. Whether it was sitting chatting or watching TV, helping him clean and cook, go out to the shops or for walks on nice days or taking him for a drive one on not so nice days. I would love to be able to spend this time giving back and giving someone else some company.
Nina, home help in Glasgow G12

As a patient, caring student, I have a great deal of experience of caring for my elderly grandmother. I am comfortable doing housework, shopping or providing company by engaging with elderly people through conversation, games or by assisting with activities.

My name is Hazra born in Kenya married in italy I have italian citizen ship, I can do any kind of job but not fiscale job, I use to take care of my mother in law till she passed away two years ago. She was suffering from Cancer and she could not moving without help.I have alot of respect for elder people and patience, , im an easy going person I can get a long with anyone except the bullying and racist.
Natalia, nursing care at home in Glasgow G4

Hi! I'm a young person with huge motivation for the care of other people.
Fanta, carer - G44 Glasgow

310Ardencraig ROAD ; G45 0qb Fanta Kone

I just arrived in Glasgow, looking to improve my English, I am a 28 year old french woman. I have experience working in care home. In France, I am an occupational therapist for old personn but my certificate is not valid in Scotland. I am looking for a job working with old personn as it is something I have experience with and enjoy .

I Am Hilda and with experience with working with elderly and support work. I have interest in house help and domestic work. Administrative and shopping. With driving licence can do errands

would love to help as much as I can

Hello My name is Patricia, I am 27 years old, Portuguese and I speak Portuguese, Spanish and English. I am a excellent professional in various areas of work, special attention in elderly people. I have been working with elderly people as a Social Worker in 2014/2015. I have a School Social Intervention Master Degree and a Social Worker Degree. I am very patient and take my responsibilities very serious. Sincerely, Patricia