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Salwa, home help in Nottingham NG1

Let me introduce myself, my name is Salwa and I am 21 years old. I'm a French student staying for a year in Nottingham to be a language assistant for the Redhill academy. I work 12 hours per week and I am looking for some extras so I thought that I could fill my timetable by offering my services such as shopping or cleaning etc. I live in the city center of Nottingham but I can take the bus if required. I am available every day after work and all day long during Mondays, Saturdays, and Sun...
Anna, senior home help in Nottingham NG7

I am 43 y female and have 23 years experience as a carer. I look after my disabled son . I would like to give care to the elderly. I am patient, very caring and multitask person. I can be good company for someone lonely day, helping with shopping or preparing meals or doing some house work. I looked after my granparents in Poland before I move to UK. I am bilingual and I speaks two languages Polish and English. I can also help with some paper work, filing forms etc. I am kind perso...
Desi, home help in Nottingham NG7

Hello, I am a 27-year-old girl from Bulgaria, looking for regular work in Nottingham. I am a kind and caring person, generally quiet and reserved. I am patient and aim to make the other person feel comfortable in the situation. I always aim to be diligent and responsible, however, nobody is perfect, and neither am I- one of my flaws is that I do not dare well under too much pressure and too much rush to do something. I am a native Bulgarian and my mother tongue is Bulgarian, but I have...
Chloe, senior home help in Nottingham NG3

Hey :) My names Chloe I'm nearly 15 and have looked after 3 elderly people so far and have been told I'm amazing and great company so i decided to try and help other people too:)
Leandra, home help - NG7 Nottingham

My grand mother has diabetes and has also lost a hand. I've always helped her with shopping, exercise, medical stocks ect. Although she is very independent there's a times she's weak and just needs looking after. I am very flexible in the task that needs to be done and the time given. Also very co-ordinated when it comes to know what medicine she needs, when exactly I need to reorder and collect new prescriptions from the nurse. I also book her daily appointments for check ups.
Natalia, home help in Nottingham

I'm polite, responsibility and hard working person. In my whole life I dealt with many of the elderly. I dealt with my grandmother and grandfather even great-grandmother also helped my neighbor. The composition of what I did is: shopping, cleaning the house cooking and enjoying the time. I can help older people by making purchases to clean up the house to spend time and sometimes cook something. I do not do too well in the first-aid kit however, I was learning a little about it in schoo...
Zoe, senior home help in Nottingham

My names Zoe, I'm 18 years old currentry a student studying A-Levels in biology chemistry and maths. I used to be a carer for my Nanna up until April of this year. I cooked, cleaned, helped with files, did sewing/dress making, assisted in shopping trips and anything else she required. I'm fun, friendly, love to meet new people and make friends with any type of person. :)
Lenka, senior home help in Nottingham

I studied a School of Nursing(in the Czech Republic), now I'm living in Nottingham and I would like to help somebody, who is looking for a help with every-day needs.
Deon, senior home help in Nottingham

My name is Deon and i am 16 I am very kind hearted I lived with my grandma until she passed away and she always told me to help people and I want to carry on doing that
Paige, home help - NG7 Nottingham

I am currently a part time student looking for a part time/evening job. I enjoy helping out the vaunrable with their daily tasks. I have always helped my grandparents and my grandparents friends with their shopping, their house cleaning and just company. This will help me gain experience for my future jobs in a health and social care setting.
Sana, home help in Nottingham NG7

I can help the elderly from basic - complex thing even if they have disabilities etc. I am friendly, talkative and enjoy getting to know people and help them.
Janet, senior home help in Nottingham NG7

I am a single parent with a 6 year old son. I have taken care of my aunt who suffered from dementia and other illnesses. After she passed away, my uncle had to go into a care home. I still visit my uncle whenever I can because he was like a father to me. I am a very caring person and so is my son. I like to help people even if I see someone struggling to cross the street or push their trolley to their car. I can help you with your house chores including cooking if you don't feel like it. ...
Silvia, senior home help in Nottingham

I love take care people , from when I was more young. I always take care of my grandmother and my grandfather, and I'm also a volunteer. I am an honest, organized and hardworking woman. I'm sweet with them and I'm very very careful. I'm sorry for my english, I'm Italian.
Yasmin, home help in Nottingham NG7

I used to work at an old people's home for dementia on a voluntary basis. I am a very kind and understanding individual who is always keen to help others. I look forward to hearing from you :)

My mother in law had a stroke 4 years ago and was left unable to care for herself. It took time but we built an extension onto our house so she could move in. I have seen the difference that a friendly face can have to Judith which is why I would like to offer this to another person. I can be great company for someone who needs it. I can shop, cook and read to help someone who might find it difficult

Hi there, I'm Luiza. I'm sure I am a good person to be a company to older person and to go for shopping, because I'm a good listener and I'm not going to lie, I love talking, I'm always chatting. When I used to live in Poland, I was taking care of my grandma almost everyday, so I know what to do and how to talk with other people.
Saoirse, senior home help in Nottingham

I have had a lot of experience helping to care for my nana over the past six year from cooking to shopping to just going to a cafe for a catch up! I am currently studying at Nottingham Trent university so live in the city centre and am able to use public transport for any job. Look forward to hearing from you!
Carol, home help - NG7 Nottingham

I'm Carol , i have a friendly personality and i am extremely reliable. I am self motivated and dedicated.I am caring person with genuine desire to help people with the ability to relate on people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Help patient with feeding , drinking , ambulating, grooming, toileting and dressing. I also can provide a clean , well organised and secured patient care surrounding. I have over 5 years experience as a care worker.

I am willing to help anyone that need help

my name is asma I'm 30 I took care of my grandmother aged 85 years for 4 years and I occupied several times the great mother of my cousin she had 92 years. i love cooking and shopping is my pleasure

I am a Turkish lady who is married to an English man and mother of 4.5 years son. I have cleaning experience more than 10 years. I give a really goo domestic cleaning plus ironing. if preferred can cook Turkish meal as well.

My name is Anelia and I am from Bulgaria .My age 50 years.We have two children, a girl and boy who already large .When I was 18 years of age looked after my grandmother who had insult.Grizheh for her as a little baby . I respect the elderly!

I look after my parents when I travel to Spain. I help them in all their needs .They are 87 years old. I would like to find a person with whom I can speak, read, etc. because I need to improve my English and have time to share with people who are alone and need company.

Hi my names Kaprice i live in Sherwood Nottingham just left school and looking for a job with kids or the olderly i'm experienced as i worked with kids with disabilities for a year before i moved up Sherwood i'm 16 years of age very reliable and mature and love to get the job done to the expectation without fail and absolutely adore kids and the olderly thankyou

    I have many skills are caring for elderly, cleanup, work in warehouses etc. I really have to find a job because I am my only sustenance and I tou able to do any work with dedication and commitment. I hope I have a optunity work with your team. At the moment I'm not working and can start immediately. I'm waiting for your interview. I appreciate your attention and support that I can provide greetings Marilia