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Molly, home help in Newark-on-trent NG24

My name is Molly, I am 20 years old and I am from Nottinghamshire. I am currently studying Primary Education in Leeds and have just finished my first year there. I studied childcare at college and attended evening classes to gain a level...
Salwa, home help in Nottingham NG1

Let me introduce myself, my name is Salwa and I am 21 years old. I'm a French student staying for a year in Nottingham to be a language assistant for the Redhill academy. I work 12 hours per week and I am looking for some extras so I tho...
Tyler, senior home help in Beeston

Hi, I'm Tyler. I'm 17 and I'm at college. I help my grandparents every week, whether it be cleaning, odd jobs, tidying, helping in the garden and cooking, etc. I am very fond of elderly people and will be willing to help anyone who needs...
Katherine, senior home help - NG24 Newark-on-trent

My name is Kate and I am a mum and part-time teacher. I am looking to build up more flexible work around my childcare challenges and to eventually replace my teaching with a variety of smaller jobs. No task is too small, so if you need o...
Anna, senior home help in Nottingham NG7

I am 43 y female and have 23 years experience as a carer. I look after my disabled son . I would like to give care to the elderly. I am patient, very caring and multitask person. I can be good company for someone lonely day, helping ...
Ella, senior home help - NG17 Sutton in ashfield

Hello, my name is Ella . I thrive to help people, I take part in 200+hours in voluntary service; helping the community to attend hospital appointments and household activities. I previously worked in a private home to care for the di...
Nikita, senior home help in Mansfield

I am wanted to help anyone that need my help I am a nice loving person.
Desi, home help in Nottingham NG7

Hello, I am a 27-year-old girl from Bulgaria, looking for regular work in Nottingham. I am a kind and caring person, generally quiet and reserved. I am patient and aim to make the other person feel comfortable in the situation. I alwa...
Chloe, senior home help in Nottingham NG3

Hey :) My names Chloe I'm nearly 15 and have looked after 3 elderly people so far and have been told I'm amazing and great company so i decided to try and help other people too:)
Louisa, senior home help in Beeston

hello I have 2 years experience with my gran am happy to do everything ticked I hope I have help thank you Louisa
Leandra, home help - NG7 Nottingham

My grand mother has diabetes and has also lost a hand. I've always helped her with shopping, exercise, medical stocks ect. Although she is very independent there's a times she's weak and just needs looking after. I am very flexible i...
Adam, home help in Arnold

Hi. My names Adam and I am 17 (18 in January) I have always enjoyed spending time with the elderly and hearing their stories. As previously stated I am working in a local care home that deals solely in dementia. And once I turn 18 th...
Natalia, home help in Nottingham

I'm polite, responsibility and hard working person. In my whole life I dealt with many of the elderly. I dealt with my grandmother and grandfather even great-grandmother also helped my neighbor. The composition of what I did is: shop...
Sana, home help in Nottingham NG7

I can help the elderly from basic - complex thing even if they have disabilities etc. I am friendly, talkative and enjoy getting to know people and help them.
Nicole, home help in Walesby NG22

My names Nicole Victoria and I'm 16 years old, I am at school leaving age and am currently looking to find work both part time and full time. I am extremely organised and plan on forever keeping it that way. For my age I am incredibly in...