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Daniela, host family for dog - CT19 Folkestone

I took care of my dog for 8 years. I only choose cats and dogs because taking care of a dog or a cat is what I can do best. When I had a dog, I was the one in the family who was taking him in the park, I was taking him to the vet and I was daily provide him food. I only had one dog. A few years ago, I had another dog for 3 months. I took him in my house because he was abandoned and he had one leg broken. I took him to the vet and I kept him till he got cured. But my father did n' let me keep ...
Brogan, dog walking in Folkestone CT19

Hello I'm Brogan Mein, I've always had my heart set on animal care. And have two cats of my own plus a hamster, who I adore. I've had recent experience with my own pets plus dog walking. I'm very kind hearted, and love all animals especially cats! Animals are the best company, and I'm happy too look after them. I'm reponsable, and reliable also trustworthy.
Jasmin, dog walking in Folkestone CT19

Hi my name is Jasmin and i am 25 years old. I don't have any pets at the moment but have just recently lost our pet hamster. Have always had animals around me in my family from a small age such as dogs, cats, birds, fish and hamsters. I can only offer a host house for a house cat or rodents as i live in a maisonette
Mia, dog walking - CT19 Folkestone

Hello I am Mia . I am 16 nearly 17 years of ages I am good at looking after animals mainly dogs and cats but I can look after others as well I have one dog called kido he is 6 years old and he is a husky and I have two cats that are called cardi and coke they are 17 years old. I would host an animal at mine but I live with my parents still so that isn't down to me unfortunately but I am more than happy to walk your dog on a daily basis and look after your animals by feeding them walking them.
Paige, cat-sitter in Folkestone

Hello, my name is Paige. I've recently left sixth form. However I do not have experience within working with animals but I love animals (Especially cats) and I have one of my own. My cats name is 'Kitty' and the vets think that she's around 18 years old. We brought her from the RSPCA. She is very old and has arthritis in her legs. She loves being around people but dislikes other cats. She also likes the sound of her own voice! I've experience looking after my neighbours cats while they went o...
Katelyn, dog walking in Folkestone CT19

Katelyn 16 I am a massive dog and cat lover! I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. However, in my life time i have owned 6 dogs and 4 cats. I thoroughly enjoy walking to keep healthy and love having company! Most animals love me as I am a very enthusiastic, loving person.
Kristyna, dog walking in Folkestone CT19

Hello, my name is Kristyna and I am form Czech Republic but I have been in England for almost 2 years. I am 21 years old and I would love to take care of your pets. I love animals :) If you are interested, contact me :)
Christie, dog walking in Folkestone

I am a very friendly and kind person who loves animals. I have a 1 year old well behaved chihuahua called Penelope, she is very sweet and loving (she doesn't even bark). I have a ginger kitten who is almost 1 called Ollie, he is the sweetest cat, so laid back and gentle, he wouldn't hurt a fly. Also I have a siamese fighting fish. I live in a basement flat which has a well spaced garden for them to run about
Shauna, dog-sitter in Folkestone

Hello, I'm Shauna . I'm 16 years old and I LOVE ANIMALS. I sometimes have to take care of my pets while my parents are out, I have a dog who is called molly and she is a jack Russel and i have a bearded dragon called dobby, iv always loved animals my whole life. i feed, clean and pamper animals.
Megan, dog walking in Folkestone CT19

I have my own Yorkshire terrier who is 6 years old and I walk every other day for around an hour. I enjoy walking my dog and would like to help with other people's animals if they are unable to walk their dogs
Timea, dogsitter in Folkestone

I live in the east cliff area that is perfect for dog walking. Only have a patio but live a minute walk away from the green and seaside. Happy to look after animals in my home or come along to take care of your pet. I grew up with cats and dogs so I know everything about their needs and care. Am very reliable, fun loving, happy and energetic person always on the go. I have excellent checkable references from very high profile families
Luiza, host family for dog - CT19 Folkestone

I'm Luiza, a sixteen year old animal enthusiast, currently studying and Folkestone school for girls. I have 2 cats, Miranda and Sheila who I am very close with, and am fully responsible for. I have had prior experiance with dog walking and pet sitting hamsters and chicks. I would really love the opportunity to take care of your pet, even just for regular walks, and I can guarantee for them to have a great time. Often animals warm to me faster than other people, I have no clue why!
Lauren, dog walking in Folkestone CT19

Hello Im Lauren. I'm currently 17 years old nearly 18 and looking for a summer job. I've looked after pets such as dogs, cats, fish, chickens, rabbits, chinchilla's, and tortoises. I'm available to look after pets during the day time.

I am skye, i am currently 15 and attending school. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats of my own and have previously owned fish, hamsters and gerbils, guinea pigs and rabbits. I am happy to walk animals or make a visit to them but can only take in fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits or gerbils.

My name is Ria, I am 16 years of age. I am interested in taking up the job of walking dogs. I have many friends with dogs and used to walk my friends dog with her. I am not a dog owner myself but love dogs. I get along with dogs very well.

17 year old. I have 3 elegant cats. A Beautiful German Shepard for the family, i take for walks and look after alongside my family. i have little experience walking other dogs from big to small.