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Chloe, dog walking in Sittingbourne ME10

My name is Chloe and I am 20 years old. I have two dogs in my family house, both jack Russell's. I have experience with all types of animals, dogs, cats, rodents etc. I love animals. I have my own car and I am willing to travel and also I am free any day and time of the week. I am happy to work with any animal in any environment and I love going outside for walks with dogs and other animals. Many thanks Chloe.
Georgina, dog walking in Sittingbourne ME10

I love animals! I have a lot of experience with dogs and cats and have worked with horses before! I'm 16 years old from sittingbourne and I am available 24/7 I'm just an email away! My phone is currently broken so can only be contacted via email address. I'm caring, energetic, and an animal lover. Although I am 16 I am very responsible and trustworthy. I am willing to clean up after the animals including cleaning tanks, cages, ect. I am willing to take dogs for walks at any time includi...
Chelsey, dog walking in Murston ME10

I have had dogs, cats and fish my whole life and have raised many kittens, I enjoy the company of animals.
Vickie, dog walking in Sheerness ME12

Hi im vickie Im 36 have animals of my own and no its hard to get help when you want or need to get away. Or maybe you cant walk you own animal. Im a single mum looking for part time work while my children are at school. If you need help with your pets just contact me as im willing to help out in any way i can. I curre t ly have 7 cats of my own and two goldfish. I recently lost my gsd to old age and i understand how animals need to be looked after.
Alice, dog walking in Teynham ME9

I would love to walk/check in on dogs, I have 2 of my own along with 2 pigs and 5 chickens so I am great with animals and love to look after and care for them.
India, dog walking in Sittingbourne ME10

I am 14 years old. I have had so much experience with animals. In my household I used to have 37 rabbits as my mum saved them, 2 chinchillas, fish, 2 dogs, 9 puppies and 2 cats. I love animals!
Monika, dogsitter in Sittingbourne

Hi. My name is Monika. I live in Sittingbourne . I had a dog name Alice but I lost her last year as she was old age . I am more than happy to give to your pet my warm heart and best help I can offer . I am happy to look after your pet in my own house durning you are on holiday but your responsibly is to provide food for your home lover. I can offer you day time care durning you are at work. Please contact me for more details.
Macey, dog walking in Iwade ME9

My name is Macey. I'm 16 years old. I've had a year of Experience Working with animals as I used to work in a pet shop. I can give you a reference if you wanted one and ive had 3 dogs, 1cat, fish, hamsters of my own pets as well before so I'm very experienced in animal care. If you have any questions or want to know more just message me. Ive had a range of different breeds of dogs from small to large
Lucy-jane, dog walking in Sittingbourne ME10

My name is Lucy-Jane and I'm 17 years old. I love animals. I have two Dalmatians, one of whom is deaf in his left ear, I have two cats and plenty of fish! My parents often go on holiday and I'm left to look after, care for and feed the pets! I have slot of compassion towards people and animals, and I'm very responsible for my age.
Dani, host family for dog - ME9 Iwade

Animals are my big love , I adore dogs and always have always having dogs since I was very small , my sister is a dog behaviourist so we have always had plenty within the family . Every dog I will treat with love and respect just as I would my own . They would never be sort of love that's for sure and walkies
Elizabeth, dog walking in Sittingbourne

Hi, I'm Lizzie. I am looking for some part-time work to earn some extra money before I start university this September. I am friendly, bubbly and polite. I have lots of experience working with animals in my own home - I've had pet dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, rabbits, fish and even stick insects! I have also cared for friends' pets when they have been on holiday, usually their cats. I love walking and would be very happy to walk dogs if needed.

My name is Louise , I have had loads of pets since I was born, the pets I have now are 4 dogs and my own hamster, I was look after all of these pets with all my heart, I get my hamster out for excercise twice a day, I take my dogs on a walk and they are as good as gold with me so I take some dog treats out for them and the absolute love it. I have had loads of cats in my past aswell that I used to look after and sometimes I go to my grans house and look after her cats for her
Emma, dog walking - ME10 Sittingbourne

Hi, I'm Emma. I'm 23 and from the Sittingbourne area. I absolutely love animals, with cats being my not-so-secret favourites! I currently have 3 cats, 4 rabbits and a goldfish. I have had a hamster in the past, but unfortunately they don't have a long life span. I am a very calm and caring person and I love to spend time with animals and make them enjoy their time too. I am a big lover of cat cuddles, but I'm also used to animals that aren't so happy with affection too! If you want t...
Nicola, dog walking in Milton regis ME10

Hi I'm Nicola I love dogs I have 2 my self one a greyhound and the over is a jack Russel
Amanda, dog walking in Sittingbourne ME10

Available to take care of your pets whilst you are away.
Tasmin, dog walking - ME12 Sheerness

My family have alot of animals and I take care of and walk them when ever needed

I am Keiran and the proud owner of a lively Cocker Spaniel. I have a wide range rang of experiance with animals and caring for them ranging from fish to horses. Currently, I am learning to ride horses although my experience is limited however, I have been involved in the upkeep of a Connemara Pony for the past 6 months. On a week's work experiance with the Royal Navy, I gained an understanding of a dogs mentally as I stayed with the owner and trainer of two Afghan Hounds. I learnt ho...

I have experience in dog walking I have a dog of my own.