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Bella, home help in Birmingham

helping my grandparents and family gave me so much experience within this field. I studied health and social care double award in sixth form as my alevels. I passed with top marks and gained a lot of theoretical knowledge on the aspect on elderly assistance. I then decided to take a part time care job which I was trained for a week before I began but I had to quit as I was then beginning university. I am now settled in and would like to support and earn some spare cash to manage myself at...
Ann-marie, senior home help in Birmingham B35

Hi my name is Ann-Marie, I do not have experience working with elderly other than personal experience. My main experience is childcare. I am a friendly and kind individual who likes to give a helping hand. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more, thank you.
Megan, senior home help in Birmingham B11

Hi I am Megan , I am currently studying Psychology, Sociology and Geography at my local sixth form. I can give any help necessary to the elderly, this could range from a chat every day, to cooking them dinner, collecting and buying their shopping, to helping them to visit the doctor. I am not scared of a new challenge. My main qualities are that I am patient, and will give up all my free time to make someone else smile. I am willing to do anything, and also there to listen if someone...
Viorica, senior home help in Birmingham B9

Hi there, My name is Rica, 24 yrs old and am looking to give a hand to those in need.
Hayley, carer in Birmingham B34

Hey, I have done many jobs in my life and at the age of 24 i found my calling in care i'm now 29 and haven't looked back. My job is more than just a job for me and i treat my clients as i would my own family. I've worked in both home care and in a care home. I have cooked cleaned fed helped with medication, took my clients on days out helped with vet trips sleep ins and also been there at the hospital when they've taken bad and families have been busy. I have been working in elder...
Yessenia, home help in Birmingham B1

Give what you would like to receive! The elders time is one of the most delicate and nice stages of life. We will all reach to an elderly stage of our life. We might need some extra help and what a better option to have the best service with a trusted person. I am an energetic, patient, experienced individual with a sense of humor, who is pleased to look after a lovely and full of knowledge elderly, who might require my support. For further information do not hesitate to contact me!
Haleema, senior home help in Birmingham B10

My name is Haleema I am 18 years old . I belive myself to be a very hardworking, bubbly friendly individual. I have done work experience in a care home where i worked with the elderly who have dimentia. It was challenging but amazing ! I could give the elderly good company (talking, reading etc) along with house chores , preparing meals, going out for shopping or grocery shopping, and i could give assistance with meal times. I have patience. Infact my name itself means 'patience'! I...
Saleema, home help in Birmingham

i am very helpful and want to make it easier for the elderly. i can help the eat, change their clothing and keep them company. i am young so i don't have a lot of experience but i very open minded and like to try new things which includes helping the elderly. i can help the elderly take their medication too. i have qualities where i can help them with their cleaning ironing and i can generally talk to them and listen too. they may feel lonely and having my company may give them someone to tal...
Sophia, senior home help - B11 Birmingham

I am Sophia Zaib and I'm 16, currently taking a Health and Social Care Level 3 course at college. Currently I am assisting an individual with household chores especially and she charges £6 per hour, however I am wiling to go lower. I also have a degree of professional knowledge when care is concerned as I do study this. I understand how to communicate and interact with people and I also understand how to treat people when care is concerned and I must empower them in every decisions. I am ver...
Silvia, home help in Birmingham B16

Hi, I am Silvia, I am 22. I would like to help you, I am from Spain but I am working in a lab of the University of Birmingham until July.
Saiem, senior home help in Birmingham

I am a young professional, polite and friendly person who spends most of his time doing voluntary and charity work. I am great company and i love to laugh. I feel i woule be great use to anybody.
Nicole, home help - B11 Birmingham

Hi I am a 26 year old woman i have a lot of experience with disabled and elderly people since leaving school I have worked within the personal care sector as it's something I am very passionate about having a disabled mother an elderly nan I look after I am very trust worthy and caring also a great time keeper x
Zara, senior home help - B11 Birmingham

My name is Zara and I'm currently studying law, sociology and psychology A - levels at my college. I am enthusiastic about caring for and aiding people, and therefore would be a good choice. My great grandma has dementia, and both my grandparents have diabetes, therefore I'm quite knowledgeable on how to assist with these conditions, and the concerns. Furthermore, I am studying how to understand and help people in psychology and sociology, and so have extra knowledge - which may come in h...
Aqsa, senior home help in Birmingham B9

Hi my name is Aqsa . I am looking on helping and learning elderly care. I prefer sticking to the boxes which I have ticked in what I would like to be doing and I have a NVQ level 2 in health care. Also I have done work placement in this field for 1month and in other settings for 2weeks . I have got a lot of experience with family car, and I am happy to take part in this field.
Lola, nursing in Birmingham

I am Lola. I've always had a soft spot for caring for people. People tell me that I should become a nurse because I am so dedicated to it. Saying that I am extremely caring and I love to help anyone where ever I can. My Mother recently had an operation and I had to help her a lot. I was basically her home nurse. I cleaned the house, cooked, help her wash, get up, shop for her, I did everything in her absence. Also a while back my brother also had an operation, so I did the same thing a he...

I got time on my hands so I would love to give that time in shopping or listening and talking to people ..I'm married with 3 boys all grown up 21..19..and 15 ..older 2 at uni .and younger one in year husband works full time ..I'm a childminder in Hall green I pick up an drop off children at a nearby school ..

My name is Sajeda , I have just finished college and I studied health and social care, level 3 extended diploma. I am going to go on and continue studying health and social care in university, which I will start in september. I have looked after elderly service users at Bupa priory care home. I assisted them with their feeding and I had also helped them with activities. I have also helped to look after my grandma by taking her shopping and also helping her cook her meals.
Monika, senior home help in Birmingham B18

I am a girl who is cheerful and very much loves her family. I always love to spend time with my grandparents and learn from them many things. I loved to cook with my grandmother and she told me tales. I'm from Bulgaria. But now I have moved to England and can not see my grandparents. I would be very pleased to spend time with you and learn something new even to help you with something.
Christine, home help in Birmingham

Hi I'm christine in 25 years old.
Rebecca, senior home help in Birmingham

My names Rebecca, people call me beckie; I'm studying health and social and blossomfield in Solihull, its something I enjoy doing. I can help the elderly with anything really, my nan has dementia so I go around and accompany her; she use to have carers but they wasn't very nice to her, it made me realise people like her need all thee support and care they can get, that is why I chose health and social to do at college.
Tempany, home help in Birmingham

I often help out my grandad and I'm a very friendly person who is very confident and willing to build a friendship with the elderly I do have a level 1 in bsl however my knowledge is minimum I'm intrigued by the older generations as I believe they could help me a lot more than I can help them

Hiya, I am Chantay. I am 19 years old. I have worked in care homes since the age of 15/16, I started out as an apprenticeship and progressed up. I have also helped care for my nan who had dementia. The homes I have worked in have been residential and nursing. Making a difference is what I am passionate about. I love elderly people and love working with them. It is so rewarding being able to make a difference in people's lives. I hope to continue doing so

I am a reliable individual who has had many years of personal experience with elderly people. This has given me the ability to be organised and multi-task as well as working under pressure. I am able to understand and meet the needs of individuals. I trust my enthusiasm and confidence would be compatible with the necessary environment. I am also a rapid learner with a great deal of excitement in all my activities which has allowed me to enhance my communication skills, as I am able to develop...

My reason for applying for this post is because of my caring nature. I love caring for people and have always done. When growing up as a child when I was 13 I witnessed a family member go through some traumatic experiences in the hospital and I was there with her every step of the way. I even said one day I will become a nurse after seeing the great jobs the nurses did for her. Later on down the line before my Nan passed away I was her allocated carer and through looking after my late grandmo...

I understand the elderly and seen as more fragile and delicate whom require great care and assistance. As they are vulnerable I can ensure to value the trust of the families as a takecarer by proving the best care I possibly can by offering my skills. I enjoy spending time with my grandparents whom I live with and take care of when my mother isn’t around to help, I love listening to the stories, joys and milestones!
Rachael, home help - B16 Birmingham

I have a great love and respect for the elderly, I would love to read to the elderly and spend time with them. I lost both of my grandmothers last year, and I used to visit them all the time and help them. I know the elderly have many stories to tell which I will gladly listen to.
Nadine, home nurse - B20 Birmingham

Hello my name is Nadine and I am 26 years old and newly married. I have over 5 years care experience ranging from domiciliary care (care in the clients home), Nhs experience, adult nursing, wound dressing, medication, personal care, feeding, and working with dementia. I am an honest and hard working woman. Looking to make a difference to someone's life. I enjoy being a care giver to children, animals and the elderly. I will always respect you and your home. I have a recent DBS whic...
Zobia, home help in Birmingham B9

I am a 20 year old. I enjoy helping out with my grandparents. I can spend time, talk, provide emotional support, clean perform basic household chores and do the grocery shopping. I am kind, friendly, empathetic and quick thinking. I have experience from taking care of my own grandparents.
Yudnery, senior home help in Birmingham B35

Hi, i can to help to housework, i'm serious and respect

I am a female.l would like to help the elderly in every way possible.Their needs and requirements will be met.I am very patient, passionate, committed, caring, understanding and punctual.