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Paige, home help - CV1 Coventry

I used to look after my nan and I love her to pieces, I take her shopping and do chores like I clean up all around the house by doing the washing up, vacuum, gardening, drying up, and nearly every way to clean up I can do it if it's either in the house or outdoors for her as she is quite old and has a bad foot and leg problem so is disabled so I make sure I help her as much as I can because she's my nan and I love her a lot so I make sure she doesn't have to struggle or be in pain without any...
Leigha, senior home help in Coventry

I really want to help people and i believe i have a caring nature in general.I can understand small amounts of russian as well as japanese, french and arabic I have had lots of experience working with children from teaching japanese voluntarily in many schools to nurseries and nannying. I have also volunteered In places like purple dragon and Gymboree. This has given me experience of working with VIP clients as they are private members clubs for children. My last job was working as a travelli...
Perri, home help - CV1 Coventry

My caring skills have been perfected through years of caring for both immediate and extended family. I have three younger siblings who I have always cared and cooked for, and have minded many young nieces and nephews, including infants – we’re a big family! I have always loved children and find nothing more rewarding than caring for them. I am extremely family orientated and I often take sole charge of my younger brothers which requires me to do: school runs, prepare healthy meals, support wi...
Petra, home help in Coventry

Haven't had chance to work with older people but I don't see any problem why I wouldn't like it. I like socialising with other people, spending time with people of any age and I am good at listening to people.
Emma, home help in Coventry CV1

i am a twenty year old criminology student studying at coventry university. i often help my grandparents with activities such as cooking, cleaning, house work, walking pets, administrative work, technology hep etc and would love to provide this help to anyone who needs it.
Esther, senior home help in Coventry CV1

Hi I'm Esther, Im 14 years old and im look for job to do with elderly people. I have experience with elderly people. Im really friendly, kind , polite.Things i do for the elderly are cooking, feeding, cleaning, talk to them and help them go shopping. Im may be young but im a hard worker. Im looking for a job in coventry thank you .
Elisha, home help in Coventry

hello, my name is Elisha I'm 14 and I'm looking to help anyone that needs it . I don't mind going shopping for them if they need to or even just help them with it . I have helped my own grandparents in the past and just want to help others. I believe that I am an honest and caring character and if someone needs help for anything then I am here.
Olivia, home help in Coventry

15 year old female. I have a lot of personal experience with seniors as I am extremely close with both of my grand parents. I sometimes cook for them, clean and generally care for them. From rugby area:)
Kylea, senior home help - CV1 Coventry

Hi my names Kylea and I'm 18. I currently do not work or go to college. I help my younger siblings to read and also read to them at night and help my mom with the shopping and chores around the house. If I could help people whom need it, doing day to day activities that would be excellent. It would also help me if I have to shop for others and clean settle when I move into my own home.
Maite Alejandra, home help in Coventry

Hello I am Maite I am from Spain, I have studies at nurse assistant in Spain in privates clinics.I have 21 years old
Leonie, senior home help - CV1 Coventry

Hey :) my name is Leonie , 23 years old and I am an Erasmus student from Germany at the Universtiy of Warwick. As I have a lot of free time during the week, I would love to help elderly people in their daily life by doing groceries, doing the washing as well as cleaning in the house or just being a person to talk to. Kind regards, Leonie
Dhruva, home help - CV1 Coventry

I am a first year student from London at coventry university. I love to help out elderly people, I personally did it back in London for my own grandparents and elderly neighbours.

· I enjoy socializing with my friends and family. · I also go the gym four days a week, after work, which has allowed me to become healthy and fit. It has also developed my communication skills outside of my normal working environment. A motivated, adaptable and responsible office junior apprentice, seeking a retail or business related weekend job. Which will utilize and improve the skills learnt throughout working at Mc Donald’s and Band Hatton Button. I have a methodical and customer focu...
Lydia, senior home help in Coventry

I'm happy to help out with any elderly people, especially considering the current times i'm readily available.

My name is Isatu from the Netherlands.I am 18 years student who is studying full time English and Maths course at City College at Coventry.I can help the elderly to communicating with them, Body language, Severing them food, Coffee, Tea and dressing up. My main qualities are: Patience , Flexibility, Reliability, Helpful and Kind.My experience is how to serve them food and taking then to their rooms.
Khudija, senior home help in Coventry CV1

hi , i am khudija Asad .My qualification is MBA (finance). I have professional work experience of office and sales related tasks for more than 3 years. I can provide my full assistance to create and manage any documents on computer or manually.

Hi I am Yasmin I am very enthusiastic and care about people a lot. I am very polite and have good hygiene and self presentation I have good time keeping as I am never late for school.
Sonia, senior home help in Coventry CV1

Im a Spanish girl who wears a month coventry, I love to help someone, this makes me very happy. In Spain I have taken care of my grandparents and I have been volunteering at the retirement home of my people.

Hi everyone. I am a prompt, honest and responsible person. I have a lot of patience, i have an obsession with cleanliness, and dedicate to my job.
Kalisy, home help - CV1 Coventry

I like helping people and that's why I studied nursing and patient care I have a ready to work anytime.....cheers

Hi my name is Edith and I'm searching for a job helping in every way I could

I have a few months experience working in a care home and have a passion for care.

Good afternoon! My name is Diana , I don't have a professional experience, but I took care of my grandparents, my mother's aunt. I stayed with them to have someone to talk to, I listen to them, I fed them, I prepared their meals, I helped them with the housekeeping, I gave them the pills that doctors prescribe to them etc.

Hi, My name's Leighanne I'm 32 years old. I have general experience when I helped look after my nan, taking her shopping, helping her to right letters, reading to her, playing board games. I am a patient I individual. I currently work part time and I have children so I have indicated my times I'm availble. I may be able to work around those hours during the school holidays etc but can not guarentee regularly.

I'm very mature and would be more than happy to help anybody. I enjoy helping people of all ages, I'm also homeschooled so will be willing to come any time of the day

I have worked as a carer for over 3 years and have a sense of satisfaction always when I have offered my service to people who are not able to do this on their own.

Hello my name is anca I'm 26 years old and I am from Romania . I.m graduate of pedagogical university in Romania . My english level is not very good but I want to learn. I speak very well Italian language . I would like to work with /for old people , I have experience because I was learning with my grandparents .

I am caring and compassionate person. I like to offer care where needed. I like a good laugh and love to listen. I have worked in professional areas of been a care assistant in hospital, done home care and worked ad therapy assistant offering therapy yo patient