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Bethany, senior home help - DY1 Dudley

I am a kind, caring and supportive person who loves to listen. I have a very close bond with my grandparents, I love to talk to them and hear their stories.
Courtney, home help in Dudley

hi im courtney im 14 and i would love to help you!
Naomi, senior home help - DY1 Dudley

I am 15 years old, turning 16 in July. I am willing to help old people in their homes by cleaning and helping prepare meals. Also, I am willing to go shopping for these senior people so that they do not have to leave the house. Anything to help. I wouldn't mind going to their homes to chat to them and keep them companny
Ahmina, senior home help in Dudley DY1

I’m a talkative, outgoing and enthuastic person who is willing to put in a lot of dedication into what I do and I always look after elderly when I volunteer at care homes so I’m able to transfer the skills to perform my best.
Amy, home help in Dudley DY1

I am a second year university student training to be a primary teacher specialising in English. I have good people skills and am available weekends and evenings.
Shannon, home help in Dudley

Hello my name is Shannon I am 14 years old nearly 15 I would like to help the elderly with getting their shopping helping with the house work and just being there for company someone who will listen to you x
Kezzy, home help in Dudley

I would love to be considered for other jobs other than babysitting.
Connor, senior home help in Dudley DY1

Love helping out with older people especially when they need it.
Michaela, home help in Dudley

I have a 91 year old grandma who has suffered from 3 strokes, meaning she is no longer able to do the things she is used to. Because of this, when I visit I always help with washing up, cooking, cleaning and geneuily just being there with her.

I am a confident caring person who wants the best for the everyone I meet I am a down to earth girl who will do anything to put a smile on someone's face.

I have always been very caring and I am always up for a chat and ready to help out!