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Amélie, senior home help in Finsbury park N4

Hello, I have a French vocational degree to work with the elderly. The graduate is Sanitary and social BEP(VOCATIONAL DIPLOMA). I also worked with them in a hospital for 8 months. I did the cleaning. I dressed them. I gave them the food. During my studies, I also lived with an elderly person reached of alzheimer, I did that during one year. I had to take care of her. A very enriching experience. I am a patient person, smiling and reliable person. I always loved the elderly, to di...
Alison, senior home help in Hornsey rise

Bonjour, Je m'appelle Alison, j'ai 26 ans et je me suis occupé de ma grand mère durant 3 ans, sans cesse. Elle vivait avec moi, ce qui veut dire que je la lavais, je l'habillais, je lui donner a manger, je restais avec elle car elle avait la maladie d’Alzheimer, ce qui signifie avoir une surveillance totale. J'aime m'occuper des personnes agés car je pense que c'est un apport mutuel. Ils m'enseignent leurs expériences et ils me font grandir, et j'essaye de toutes mes forces de leur apporter ...

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