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Abigail, home help in Altrincham

Hello there, As a very caring and kind person at heart - I would love to give something back to the elderly. I love my own grandparents with a passion and it would make me doubly happy to be able to be there for someone who doesn't necessarily have a granddaughter/ grandson who can care for them. I love to read and to bake so I'm sure there is lots of fun to be had. I used to work at The National Trust and still have access to entry into all the parks and cafe's which can be a l...
Rochelle, senior home help in Irlam M44

My name is rochelle I am 24 years old. Currently waiting for my crb check to come back to start work as a care and support worker. I cared for my gran for many years before she passed and I still take my nan shopping and on outings twice a week and help around the house.
Otilley, senior home help in Sale

My name is Otilley, I am a british born and bred female currently living in Sale, My experience although not in the form of NVQ levels is that of personal experience caring for a disabled father and now my disabled elderly mother, I know the importance of being a good listener and a good conversationalist, I like to give the same care as I would with my own family, I am loving and caring as well as punctual (nobody likes to be kept waiting and I personally prefer to be early) I like to read ...
Megan, senior home help in Timperley

HI i am a kind caring person who would love to help you in you daily needs.
Richard, home help in Salford

I am an 18 year old University student studying Civil Engineering at the University of Salford, Manchester. I enjoy helping people and have work experience in an elderly peoples home
Kirsty, senior home help - M30 Eccles

Hi my name is Kirsty I have previous experience looking and helping the elderly as my nanna had a stroke 2 years ago and I was here main care giver until she past away this year. I feel this would be very rewarding

My name is Sabah Cisa and I am fond of being acquainted with others and brightening up other people's days. I am easy to get along with, and I am willing to help the elderly as much as I can to make sure that their day is met with a peaceful night and they can wake up in the best mood possible. I am very passionate about what I do and I will always fulfil my role in being a carer for the elderly people.
Claudia, nursing in Salford M6

I have recently moved to Manchester and my objective is to improve my English I could describe me as a person with self-motivation and with the ability to take the initiative. Wherever I go, I always try to help. I’m an optimistic person and easy-going person, who has an open-minded and a good relationship.

Hi i am a 38 year old mum of 4 children aged 5, 10, 15 and 18.I am looking for a caring position that is local that fits round my family but can negotiate. I am am a very caring and compassionate person and have a lot of time for elderly people or anyone that needs support. I worked in nursing homes before I had my children and i have helped to care for my sister who is blind most of my life and brother who is mentally impaired.
Lucie, home help in Ashton upon mersey

A Czech girl who likes to learn new things and likes to help those who need it.
Rebecca, home help in Timperley WA15

Hello! I'm Rebecca and I would love to be your helper! I have a lot of experience with family members who have disabilities and would love to be of assistance to someone else!
Kelly, senior home help in Stretford M32

Hello, I am kelly. I would love you to give me a chance on helping me to learn. I have no experience of looking after elderly but I would love to help out. I can cook and clean and shop, I also love a chat and a celebrity gossip. I am fun kind and full of spirit and would also love abit of time to talk to someone and listen to Joe other people feel and listen to there stories aswel as mine. My cousin works with elderly in a home and I have been to work with her a few times and I loved it. Th...

Hello Sir or Madam, My name is william and I believe my services could be useful to you as I am very useful. As I live at home with my nan I can understand the struggles elderly may have and simple help such as shopping and cleaning are huge burdens lifted. So I propose you hire me. Although I am young and look rather mean I am very kind and caring. Thanks you William
Sarah, senior home help in Salford

Im looking to learn new things to learn

I am a kind, caring, well mannered individual who loves to help people especially my gran.

Hi. I'm a 20 year old female. I currently live in Manchester, I'm happy to help anywhere in and around Manchester. I'm a young, honest and trustworthy, I have offered my services many of times for family and friends. I'm happy for a temporary or permanent role and happy to do short notices. I can help around the house doing chores, shopping, admin and also making meals. Prices are negotiable. If you require me or would like some more information feel free to message me.

I am a social worker. I spent a lot of time at home helping when I was writing a bachelor's degree. I know older people need a companion.

Hello, i have 9 years as a qualified carer and im able to do any care jobs needed , i have certificates to show my experiance and i like to think im caring and friendly .

I love listening to people, to their stories and learning from them.

I have learnt a lot about this area of work by doing health and social care at school and volunteering at a day centre I have also had previous experience and will be able to start whenever now I have left school