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Megan, host family for dog in Birmingham B11

I am Megan , I am currently studying within the education system. I sadly lost my West Highland Terrier just a couple of months ago, however he lived a long and very happy life with me in my family home. I still have one outdoor cat that will come in on very few occasions as loves to be outdoors. In the past I have had many cats, 2 dogs (german shepherds), guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, and fish all living long and happy lives. My home is a comfortable and welcoming home to all pe...
Viorica, dog walking in Birmingham

Hello, Im Rica, 24, and am looking for an immediate start on temporary basis. Might be available on weekends only in the future! I love pets and would like to offer my help to people who need someone to take care of them!
Leah, dog walking in Birmingham

I'm Leah I'm 15 years old. I have a dog myself I used to have 3 cats and I also had a few fishs. I take my dog on a regular walk and I am happy to help with any other dogs as long as they are not harmful. I do love pets. Just always happy to help love to keep others happy to be honest. Can do anytime after school, evenings and any time on a weekend as long they are close to me.
Emily, dog walking in Birmingham

i am looking for nanny jobs but i am willing to look after any family pets during my time as a nanny. I have some experiences of dogs, cats, budgies and hamsters due to having these animals as pets. Im caring and reliable. I love animals and do my best to encourage and teach children about animals and nature.
Haleema, dog walking in Birmingham

Hey my name is Haleema , i am 18 years old. I love being around little cute furry animals , i think its so much fun ! I have looked after rabbits, fishes, cats, a baby lamb and chickens so i have some sort of experience. I can only look after fishes, and rabbits (if in cage) in my own home. I am a very freindly and bubbly person , i can create a good bond with your pet:).

Hello my name is Libby and I am 16 years old. I turn 17 in December. I have 5 cats and love looking after pets. I am Willing to help out with your pets and take dogs on walks or look after other pets such as cats! I've always had experience with animals and always had a pet whilst growing up. I've once had a rabbit and a dog. Now I have 5 cats and would love more!! I am able to walk your dog, feed your pet/pets and care for your pet.
Leila, dog walking in Birmingham B9

Hi! I'm Leila, an 18-year-old girl super enthusiastic about animals. I have a Persian cat called Ambar and in the past I've had two Siamese cats (Simenota and Don Simon), a dog called Kuki and two birds, Roberto and Nala. If you're going on holiday abroad or you need someone to take care of your pets I am the one!
Mikee, dog walking in Birmingham

I am Mikee , 18 years old, I am from Philippines and our family moved here for 5 months already. In the Philippines we have two dogs and I was the one who give them their regular bath, food, water, and walk. I like to have a walk with them after school even just around our area because it works as our exercise and bonding as well, and having our walk helps me relax from all the school works and activities. It also serves as our way of meeting new dogs and people.
Samantha, dog walking in Birmingham B9

Hi I am Samantha, though most people call me Sam. I have a love for animals, especially cats. I'm looking to offer my services as either a pet-sitter or walker. If there is anything else you'd like to know feel free to get in touch
Aneta, dog walking in Birmingham

MY name is Aneta and I am 16 years old. I am an owner of 2 cats, male and female, as well as a male dog. This means I have previous experience looking after pets. My female kitten is called Raven and is around 8 months old, she is a black stay-at-home Bombay miniature cat. My male cat is called Toffee who is around 7 years old. He is an outdoor cat that looks like he could be a ginger Turkish angora cat, however, I do not know the actual breed. The dog is called Spikey who is around 2 years...
Sophia, dog walking in Birmingham

I am Sophia Zaib and I am 16, I consider myself to be a kind, considerate and thoughtful young lady. I am currently takinf Health and Social Care Level 3 Extended Diploma at college and although this is in relation to caring for people, I think that I can relate some of the Health and Social Care concepts to looking after pets. I am a animal lover, in the past I have had tropical fish, gold fish, rabbits and dogs. I do care for animals, however I may need some assistance to know how to handle...
Jannah, dog walking - B12 Birmingham

I pets of my own and worked for a family where i looked and cleaned after rabbits, cats, tortoise and chameolns
Silvia, dog walking in Birmingham B16

Hi! I am Silvia, I am from Madrid, Spain. I have studied biology, that's why I am interested in this type of job, I love the animals!! I have a cat and two dogs in Madrid. I am going to be in Birmingham from September to July, I am working in a laboratory in University of Birmingham. If I could help to you and your pets will be great, Silvia :)
Charlotte, dog walking in Birmingham

Hello, I am Charlotte. I am a university student studying psychology. I own two cats, two gerbils and a rabbit. I have had a chance to take care of neighbours pets along with family members pets. I don't have much experience with large dogs, but if they are well behaved, I'm sure there wouldn't be any problems. I have the most experience in caring for cats, but I am also able to help with dogs and other small animals. If you have any questions please contact me and I shall try to answer anyth...
Abigail, animal boarding - B11 Birmingham

I have two cats of my own, nebula and cosmos, who I've looked after for all of their lives so it's fair to say that I have some past experience. I have looked after my neighbour's pets before as well. I have experience of looking after many types of pets from fish to african giant snails. I am trusted by others and I will not let you down.
Zara, dog walking in Birmingham B11

My name is Zara , I currently own a six year old sheepdog called Snoopy and so have experience in looking after dogs. When I was younger I had cats, therefore I'm also quite knowledgeable on how to care for them. I am extremely careful when walking my dog (as he tries to round up cars...) and so would take very good care of your pet/s.
Arianna, dog walking - B3 Birmingham

I've got a great passion for animals. I always had cats, i love dogs and i find them a really nice company and a good mood-therapy for the humans.
Lola, dog walking in Birmingham B16

My name is Lola. I have one cat called Mau. I have pet walked dogs before. My next door neighbors 2 dogs and my uncle's dog. So I do have experience in that. I am a huge animal lover and I've always wanted a dog of my own.
Brigitta, dog walking in Birmingham

Dear Everyone, I am an animal-lover who herself has an indoor cat. I would like to take this opportunity to work based on my experience also with dogs as in my home country I lived with them. I would be more than happy to take care of your little ones. I am looking forward to hear from you. Brigitta
Monika, dog walking in Birmingham B18

I am a girl who loves animals and caring for them. All the animals I feel like friends.
Anam, catsitter in Birmingham

My name is Anam and I have some experience in looking after cats and little kittens! The cats I used to look after was my neighbors who didn't look after them well and they was taken to a new home that the neighbors have found
Christine, dog walking - B35 Birmingham

Hello im christine and I'm 25 years old. My while life I've always had some sort of pet from dogs (arnie + zeena), cats (lizzie+molly), hamsters(ginge+mustard), guinea pig(koko), rats(bill+ben), rabbit(smudge) thought I'd name them for you. I absolutely love pets! Sorry all cats lovers but dogs are my absolute favorites expecially a German Shepherd always had a German Shepherd! I had a fluffy German shephard called 'Arnie' as known as the bear! I have no pets at the minute as I can't wi...
Serish, animal boarding - B34 Birmingham

I have had loads of pets at home. I had goldfish. I have now got 3 rabbits and 4 budgies. I am 18 years old. I have some experience of looking after animals. If there is an animal that I haven't looked after before I would like to have a set of instructions which I will follow as I am good at following instructions. My home is big for the animals to run around in, out is clean and tidy. I have 3 bedrooms in this house, a kitchen which is small, a living room and a sitting room. The garden is ...

I genuinely have experience with looking after cats, as I have always had cats in the area we live in, duties included feeding the cat and maintaining safety and protection in the environment. I also have experience looking after fish, we have a fish tank in the family housing several goldfish (7), duties include; feeding the fish and caring for the fish whilst cleaning the tank regularly.

I am a 16-year old female attending a grammar school for girls. I have had many pets over my life, including; dogs, hamsters, birds, cats, snakes, etc. I love working and playing with animals and intend to do so in university and in my future career. I have no phobias of any animals, and am flexible with cleaning out cages, playing with the animals, walking them, etc.
Tia, dog walking in Birmingham

I would love to look after other peoples pets in my spare time I have had loads of pets when I was growing up like snakes, dogs, cats, hamsters, chinchillers, chipmunks, fish and many more I have looked after I am good with animals I'm loving and caring towards them and would love the opportunity to work and look after them.
Rebecca, dog walking in Birmingham B9

I am currently studying at the University of Birmingham and in my final year. I am available from now until the 6th June when I graduate and would be happy to offer animal care services for anyone requiring it during this period. I have experience with dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and fish as we had them growing up. Although I have never owned birds or reptiles myself I have experience with them and have handled both through friends that have had them as pets. I am very animal f...
Yohanni, dog walking in Birmingham

I am animal lover. I am from Venezuela. I am 26 years old.

My name is Sherri and i have been a dog owner in the past and understand the joys and rewards of being a pet owner. I currently look after my mum's neighbour's 3 dogs while she is on shift work and hoping to extend and gain more experience. Any questions please ask
Nadine, dog walking - B20 Birmingham

My name is Nadine . And my friends say I'm close to owning my own zoo. I'm 26 years of age, married live with my husband and now here's the list. We have 2 year old Sammy Sinatra who is a springer spaniel cross boarder collie who is the biggest one out of my dogs and the biggest baby. Then we have 3 year old Ozzie bear who we adopted he is a Pomeranian and husky cross beautiful looking dog 3 years old and my teddy bear he growls too like one when getting munched. Bella benskies who loves ...