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Elizabeth, dog walking in Coventry CV1

Hello! My name's Elizabeth and I'm 19 years old. I absolutely adore animals and have owned dogs, fish and guinea pigs. I have a 5 year old cocker spaniel called Murphy and I was the one who trained him well. He even knows a few tricks! I have work experience in Parkway kennels so am very familiar with the upkeep of animal hygiene. I also have a genuine love of animals, which is why I'm vegan, and would be very eager to look after any animal. I'm completely comfortable around any type of ...
Paige, dog walking in Coventry CV1

I have 1 dog called blaze, hi is an Alsatian and I love him and take him in regular walks and he is Healthy and active. I have a fish and take care of him also. I used to have 2 beautiful cats one boy and one girl who passed away from old age but we're looked after to the fullest.
Leigha, dog walking in Coventry CV1

I dont have any experience looking after most pets but i have looked after reptiles and chickens. and worked for a company that worked with reptiles.
Atlanta, animal boarding in Coventry

I am 20 years old and about to enter my last year at Coventry University studying Business and Marketing. I have lots of experience with cats and dogs, with my partners mom having 3 dogs currently and more in the past; some of which I have looked after since the age of 8 weeks. I myself have a malamute cross puppy and 2 house cats which are 1 years old and the puppy is 10 months old. I have a 2 bedroom house with a medium sized garden. The living room and dining room is fairly big so ca...
Letícia, dog walking - CV1 Coventry

Hi, I'm Leticia, 28 years old I’m living in Coventry , I have a lot experience with dogs and cats. I had 3 dogs. I looked after cats and hamster for more of 3 months. I graduated of in biology I have a lot of passion for animals.
Iulia, dog walking in Coventry

I am a student at Coventry University and I thought I might give this a try as I have had my own pets at home. I had two parrots, one rabbit and I currently have a dog, Jin, a bichon maltese. I used to be the one who took care of him, fed him, washed him and took him out to walk, as well as play with him. Now, I am away from home, but I miss taking care and spending time with animals. I look forward to hearing a response and starting my activity.
Sofia, dog walking - CV1 Coventry

Hi, my name is Sofia. I am an international student and looking for a part time job. I really like animals and would absolutely love to take care of your pets :) I have a 9-year old fluffy bunny and a 5-year old lovely cat. I have helped taking care of cats and dogs in a shelter, and have some experience with birds. I will be available starting september, mostly on evenings and weekends, but may have some extra time depending on my uni timetable. Please do not hesitate to contact me :)
Shannon, dog walking - CV1 Coventry

Hello, I am a 22 year old female. I have always had a family dog, and currently have 2 of my own. I have 2 beautiful large dogs aged 2, Smokey (Italian mastiff) and Trojan (Rottweiler). My parents also have a little yorkshire terrier. My little sister has also had hamsters before, and also have a terrapin that comes to stay with me during the times my parents are away. I did used to have a cat when i was little, but during the move to Coventry from Peterborough, she ran away and ended up livi...
Harriet, host family for dog in Coventry

I have two cats and a dog at home, I love them all dearly. I have always had animals in my life and I know when I go away I would want my pets to be looked after by someone who understands and cares for them. This is the reason I want to look after others pets. I am young and very energetic. I love going for walks and playing ball. I also love to have cuddles and give belly rubs. If you want somebody to lovingly care for your previous furry friends, I am the ideal candidate.
Millie, host family for dog in Coventry CV1

I'm Millie and I'm 14 years old, I've had alot of experience looking after animals as I have a dog and in the past have had cats, hamsters, fish, stick insects and more. I regularly look after my uncles chickens and aunties cats, I can feed them, clean them and watch them when my auntie goes out. I also take my dog out for walks a few times a week so I have experience with picking up her litter and keeping control of her in public places.
Petra, dog walking in Coventry CV1

I have been taking care of cats and dogs since my childhood as my family we've always had them at home. I also had some birds when I was younger and a hamster and a guinea pig. My brother used to have some fish and a turle whose I was taking care of.
Emma, dog walking - CV1 Coventry

i am a twenty year old criminology student at coventry university. i am from a big family and have three dogs, but puppies on the way!!!! all my family have a number mostly dogs so have a lot of experience but none professionally. would be happy to care for the pets in any aspect including walking, feeding, pet sitting etc.
Martha, dog walking in Coventry

I'm Martha , 16 years old. I have a dog myself called Millie. I love all types of animals and would be willing to care for them and walk them if needed.
Daisy, dog walking in Coventry

I am 21 years old and live in Coventry. I am reliable, honest and trustworthy. I have a level 3 childcare qualification, a paediatric first aid qualification and a full DBS check. I love to travel and learn about new cultures and languages. I speak Spanish at an advanced level and am happy to use this as part of the job. I also love animals so am willing for this to be a part of the job too. I have a snake and two rabbits, I regularly walk my aunties dog and care for other people’s animals wh...
Elisha, dog walking in Coventry CV1

my name is Elisha I am 14 years old and I'm looking for a bit of a job . I have personally owned two budgies and I have looked after hamsters and rabbits before .I have also done dog walking before. so I think I'm a good pet sitter because I'm patient and caring and I don't mind getting my hands dirty like cleaning out cages or picking up after the animal .
Olivia, dog walking - CV1 Coventry

15 year old female. Animal lover, I own 2 cats, a rabbit and fish myself so I am capable of perfect care for any animal. From rugby area:)

Hello my name is Casey. I am 17 years old and am an outgoing and bubbly person. I am animal friendly as i have a dog, who is called KoKo (aged 1) I am looking into animal care as I show a high interest in animals. I am flexible, meaning that I am open to many times of day.
Maite Alejandra, dog walking - CV1 Coventry

Hello my name is Maite , I am 22 years old , I have a dog a Puddle in Spain. I leave on Coventry 1 year ago. I come back at coventry for my studies. I love animals.

My name is Zoe, I am 38 years old and an owner of a gorgeous Jack Russell dog called Austin. I have previously owned other dogs and my parents have owned many dogs over many years so I have a lot of experience in dog care including a dog with epilepsy. I am available for the care of dogs or dog walking in the Coventry area specifically earlsdon/chapelfields/coundon/radford/foleshill/holbrooks/keresley areas. I have very competitive rates. If you would like any further information pl...
Leonie, dog walking - CV1 Coventry

Hey :) my name is Leonie , 23 years old and I am an Erasmus student from Germany at the University of Warwick. As I have a lot of free time during the week, I would like to help you out by walking your pet or just caring for it. Kind regards, Leonie
Lydia, dogsitter in Coventry

I have previously looked after several dogs for sometimes months whilst their owners are travelling for work. I'm open to staying at the owner's house or hosting them at my own house.
Rebekah, dog walking - CV1 Coventry

Hello my name is Rebekah and I have a love for animals, I currently have a very lively springer spaniel which I enjoy caring for. I walk him and cuddle with him. I'd love to form bonds with more animals.
Lucia, dog walking in Coventry CV1

Hi! I'm Lucía and I'm an Erasmus student at Coventry University. I have two Spanish Mastiff (10 years and 8 years old), 3 cats and a horse. So, I have a lot of experience with animals and I love them! I'm excited to hear about you!

Hi, I am a Polish girl who love animals since my childhood. In my home at Poland I have 5 dogs ! I also had a Guinea pig and a cat. Unfortunalety I had to left my sweethearts but they are under care my parents so I am sure that they are save :) I have been also a volunter at schelter for animals for 2 years in Poland, I took care of my friend's animals too. I think that I have a good contact with them and they like me too :)
Julia, dog walking in Coventry

My name is julia. I’m interested in pet care as I’m a massive animal lover. I have two pets of my own. I have a jack Russell dog and a cat. I also used to have a hamster but he unfortunately passed away.

Hi I am Yasmin I am very enthusiastic and care a lot about looking after people and animals. I am very polite and have good hygiene and self presentation.
Ana, dog walking in Coventry

i had a dog, but he had to stay in Portugal. I will take all necessary care. I finished my course in july, in Portugal. In England i will take a course in English, because my english is the basic. Im a portuguese. I have 18 years old.
Sonia, dog walking in Coventry CV1

Hello I am a Spanish girl, I love nature and animals.

I have grown up with dogs my whole life. I have lots of experience walking dogs. As I am currently living in a flat, I no longer can have a dog. I am therefore looking to walk other people's dogs during the summer holidays, before returing to school for work in September.

I am Carla , I am 18 years old and I love animals! As a child, I owned a variety a fresh water fish, the most impressive being 3 Giraffe Catfish. I have had many small furries including 7 Syrian hamsters, 2 Russian Dwarf hamsters, 2 gerbils and 3 rescue rabbits. I also have experience with cats and small dogs through family members. I used to volunteer weekly at a local animal sanctuary and all of my rabbits (3 in total) have been adopted from there. There, I cared for rabbits (including...