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Naomi, dog walking in Walsall WS1

As an animal lover myself, I was fortunate in the fact that my Dad was a greyhound trainer. This allowed me to obtain hands on experience with dogs from a young age: including walking, grooming and (sadly) cleaning up their mess! I have had fish on several occasions as personal pets and I am familiar with the upkeep and feeding routines of most cold water fish. My immediate family members own cats and I have aided them in feeding and emptying litter trays and so on.
Megan, animal boarding - WS1 Walsall

My name is Megan and I'm 17 years old, I live with both my parents and my younger brother, I have experience with both cats and dogs, I owned my own cat , his name was liqourice for 17 years until he passed away last year, I also have a dog, his name is ozzie he's a pappion crossed with a jack russell, and I fed, washed, walked, brushed, played with both my pets regularly. It would be best not to have any animals in my home as my dog doesn't get along with other dogs/cats, which would stre...
Tanya, dogsitter in Walsall

I currently run my own boarding company from home, looking after anything and everything. I have 7 years of experience with dogs as i worked in a dog rescue.
Victoria, dog walking in Walsall

Hi my name is vikki im 23 I love animals i have been brought up round dogs :-) I currently have a pup who i spolit rotten
Natasha, dog walking in Walsall WS1

Hi my name is Natasha , I'm 18 years old and I love animals I have a lot of my own; cats, horses, dogs, hamsters, mice, fish, snakes and more! We currently rescue rodents and dogs and find them loving caring homes, I have quite a bit of knowledge in looking after horses and smaller animals. Unfortunately due to adopting dogs ourself we cant take dogs into our home but rodents are more then welcome.
Amanda, dog walking in Walsall WS1

My name is Amanda and I'm 18 years old. I have been an animal lover my entire life. I've had several pets, such as cats, birds, fish etc. I've never had a dog but I have lots of experience with looking after dogs. I've looked after my friends dog, fed him and walked him. I love all dogs and I always like to meet new pets, big or small. When I was little my dream was to become a zoo keeper when I was older. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet but maybe one day. I would be very grateful if s...
Summa, dog walking in Walsall

worked on a farm had a lot of experience with animals also i LOVE animals and got pets myself
Natali, dog walking in Walsall

Me llamo Natali tengo 23 años estudiante de universidad, me ofrezco para el paseo de perros, me encantan
Shannon, cat-sitter in Walsall

I am happy to house sit pets - mainly cats. I have owned cats all my life and so I know how to look after them.

My name is Emily. I'm 16 and looking for something to pass my time. I love animals and have experience with walking my sister's dog, looking after him for hours at a time. I grew up around cats and I've had a rabbit of my own for a year. I will be available to give my help when it is needed. I love to be outside and spend time with animals. Any pet is fine with me (apart from snakes and spiders) I'm extremely happy to help.

Hello my name is Kellyjo . I’m an animal lover. I adopted 2 female cats. And I currently have 6 cats. 1 male. And 5 females. I adore animals and will do anything to protect them. I have milo, Lola tinkabell fluffy angle and midnight I love taking dogs on walks and taking them round parts. And throw toys

I'm Georgia and i am 18 years old. I absolutely love animals and taking care of them. Dogs especially as i own one myself and so ive had so much experience with walking, feeding and playing with dogs. Nearly everyone of my family members have dogs and they are my favourite animal. I love any animal and will take care and love any animal too.

I have had many pets since I was a child, all of my dogs have had long lives and the right care and attention/ I have had as many 7 guinea pigs the oldest one is 8 which is extremely old for a guinea pig who is very spoilt and lives in doors. I have had ponies as a teenager, I have also bred fish. I have loved animals ever since I can remember. I have never been without a dog, cat, rabbit guinea pig they bring me great companionship and give so much back.

~ big animal lover ~ have previous experience with - Dogs - Birds - Fish - Rabbits ~ energetic and playful ~ caring and friendly