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Bella, animal boarding - B1 Birmingham

i have experience from taking care of family and personal pets in the past so i believe i have second and first hand experience with animals. i also believe that i have a passion for animals in general and would like for them to be w...
Nicole, dog walking in Allesley CV5

Hello, my name is Nicole and I am 19 years old. I was born in England, but have lived in Germany for 11 years. Therefore I speak both languages fluently. Now I would like to move back to the UK and study Graphic Design or zoology he...
Bethany, dog walking in Dudley DY1

I have always loved different kind of animals, taking care and playing with them. I have mostly had dogs but I've have also had rabbits, rodents and turtles in my household. My dog Breeze is a mixed breed who is friendly and full of en...
Teresa, dog walking in Birmingham B5

Sono una ragazza di 21 anni, ho studiato all’università in Abruzzo, cerco un lavoro , in questo ambito non ho mai avuto esperienza anche se mi piacciono molto gli animali e da piccola ho sempre accudito i gatti di mia nonna e anche i cani.
Megan, host family for dog in Birmingham B11

I am Megan , I am currently studying within the education system. I sadly lost my West Highland Terrier just a couple of months ago, however he lived a long and very happy life with me in my family home. I still have one outdoor cat ...
Jess, animal boarding in West bromwich B70

I am 20 years of age and I have been around animals my whole life, currently I have four cats, two rabbits, two degu's and a small dog, i also look after two stray cats which come into the house at night for food. My aunt has two horses ...
Elisa, dog walking in Northfield

Hello ! My name is Elisa, I am 24 years old, I from France and I love animals !!! I grew up in a big house with a lot of animals. Dogs, a cat, turtles, fish, birds, a hen, a duck, hamsters, a goat, a horse and a pony. I will...
Elizabeth, dog walking in Coventry CV1

Hello! My name's Elizabeth and I'm 19 years old. I absolutely adore animals and have owned dogs, fish and guinea pigs. I have a 5 year old cocker spaniel called Murphy and I was the one who trained him well. He even knows a few tricks!...
Sofia, dog walking - CV1 Coventry

Hi, my name is Sofia. I am an international student and looking for a part time job. I really like animals and would absolutely love to take care of your pets :) I have a 9-year old fluffy bunny and a 5-year old lovely cat. I have helped...
Paige, dog walking in Coventry CV1

I have 1 dog called blaze, hi is an Alsatian and I love him and take him in regular walks and he is Healthy and active. I have a fish and take care of him also. I used to have 2 beautiful cats one boy and one girl who passed away from o...
Viorica, dog walking in Birmingham

Hello, Im Rica, 24, and am looking for an immediate start on temporary basis. Might be available on weekends only in the future! I love pets and would like to offer my help to people who need someone to take care of them!
Leigha, dog walking in Coventry CV1

I dont have any experience looking after most pets but i have looked after reptiles and chickens. and worked for a company that worked with reptiles.
Elizabeth, dogsitter - B64 Old hill

My name is Elizabeth. I've been pet sitting since I was 14, and have a ragdoll cat named Tinkerbell, and a rough collie named Sheeba. I have experience petsitting rottweilers, pit bulls, cockatoo birds, cats.. The list goes on. The onl...
Ella, dog walking in Stourbridge

I have very good experience with animals, from dogs and cats, to blue-tongued skinks and chameleons. My family and I love animals and I have grown up with a wide range of pets so I am familiar with them all pretty much. Inbox me if you n...
Chloe, dog walking in Bilston

i hope you consider me