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Corrine, dog walking - B74 Four oaks

I have had many years of experience with dogs, cats, rabbits etc. I am a dog walker and can offer a happy hour/half hour with your dog. I am reliable and trustworthy and can ensure your pet will be looked after while in my care.
Nicole, dog walking in Allesley CV5

Hello, my name is Nicole and I am 19 years old. I was born in England, but have lived in Germany for 11 years. Therefore I speak both languages fluently. Now I would like to move back to the UK and study Graphic Design or zoology he...
Paige, dog walking in Coventry CV1

I have 1 dog called blaze, hi is an Alsatian and I love him and take him in regular walks and he is Healthy and active. I have a fish and take care of him also. I used to have 2 beautiful cats one boy and one girl who passed away from o...
Bethany, dog walking in Dudley DY1

I have always loved different kind of animals, taking care and playing with them. I have mostly had dogs but I've have also had rabbits, rodents and turtles in my household. My dog Breeze is a mixed breed who is friendly and full of en...
Jordan, dog walking in King's heath

A friendly individual looking for work/ experience with different people and animals
Rachael, dog walking in Stourbridge DY8

My name's Rachael, I'm 26 and live at home with my family in Stourbridge, as I am retraining as a primary school teacher starting September. We have a family cat, have always had rabbits and I have spent the last 7 months living in Au...
Megan, host family for dog in Birmingham B11

I am Megan , I am currently studying within the education system. I sadly lost my West Highland Terrier just a couple of months ago, however he lived a long and very happy life with me in my family home. I still have one outdoor cat ...
Jess, animal boarding in West bromwich B70

I am 20 years of age and I have been around animals my whole life, currently I have four cats, two rabbits, two degu's and a small dog, i also look after two stray cats which come into the house at night for food. My aunt has two horses ...
Elisa, dog walking in Northfield

Hello ! My name is Elisa, I am 24 years old, I from France and I love animals !!! I grew up in a big house with a lot of animals. Dogs, a cat, turtles, fish, birds, a hen, a duck, hamsters, a goat, a horse and a pony. I will...
Elizabeth, dog walking in Coventry CV1

Hello! My name's Elizabeth and I'm 19 years old. I absolutely adore animals and have owned dogs, fish and guinea pigs. I have a 5 year old cocker spaniel called Murphy and I was the one who trained him well. He even knows a few tricks!...
Viorica, dog walking in Birmingham

Hello, Im Rica, 24, and am looking for an immediate start on temporary basis. Might be available on weekends only in the future! I love pets and would like to offer my help to people who need someone to take care of them!
Danielle, dog walking in Shirley B90

I have 6 years experience with animals and volunteer in a rescue shelter every monday.
Ciara, dog walking in Coventry CV1

My name is Ciara , I am 17 years old, I am currently attending Solihull blossomed campus and I am doing a level 2 animal management course, I really enjoy looking after children as I have many young cousins and a younger brother because ...
Leigha, dog walking in Coventry CV1

I dont have any experience looking after most pets but i have looked after reptiles and chickens. and worked for a company that worked with reptiles.
Elizabeth, dogsitter - B64 Old hill

My name is Elizabeth. I've been pet sitting since I was 14, and have a ragdoll cat named Tinkerbell, and a rough collie named Sheeba. I have experience petsitting rottweilers, pit bulls, cockatoo birds, cats.. The list goes on. The onl...