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Jess, animal boarding in West bromwich B70

I am 20 years of age and I have been around animals my whole life, currently I have four cats, two rabbits, two degu's and a small dog, i also look after two stray cats which come into the house at night for food. My aunt has two horses which i sometimes go and help her with. I have always wanted mice, rats or even a bearded dragon. I love all animals with all of my heart and would do anything to make sure they are cared for and loved. I am specifically looking for a job in the West Bromwich ...
Melissa, dog walking in West bromwich

I'm Melissa and I'm 17 currently doing AS levels in college. I am looking to do something I enjoy in my spare time to earn some cash. I love animals and I have a lot of experience with them; I have lived with dogs my entire life and currently have a Rottweiler and a Staffie, who I've had since puppies and have grown to be who absolutely wonderful dogs. My house is also home to 3 gerbils, a chinchilla, 3 chickens, a guinea pig, a rabbit, 2 barn owls and koi fish.
Annaleese, dog walking in West bromwich

I like to look after animals mainly cats and dogs but other animals am ok I have 2 cats and a dog
Cereana, dog walking in West bromwich B70

I love dogs and I have two of my own I take them on walks all the time wouldn't mind helping others by taking there dogs on walks
Maria Regina, host family for dog in West bromwich B70

Hello, my name is Regina, I'm live in Portugal but my intention is go to West Bromwich very soon. I have animals since I was born, especcialy dogs and birds. I love animals and my dream was to be a vet.
Katie, dog walking in West bromwich B70

I am a 15 year old student, currently in year 11, who is very experienced with looking after animals in my spare time. I own two cats, a dog and a horse who I keep exercised, fed and well look aftered. I find joy in looking after animals and I would mark it is a passion.
Sarah, dog walking in West bromwich B70

I'm Sarah, I'm 15 years old and absolutely love animals. I have 2 dogs, 8 cats, iguana, guinea pig, and fish. But throughout my life I have had snakes, chinchillas, rabbits, goats, birds (African grey) and had experience with other relatives pets. But now I want to widen my experience with animals whilst earning a little.
Amy Leigh, dog walking - B70 West bromwich

My name is Amy I'm 22 years old looking for a job in animal care I'm not experienced but I did a course in animal care in college a few years ago I dogsit my mum's dogs when she is out at work they are 2 female staffies I'm hoping to expand the amount of animals I care for just a bit It will hopefully give me a little bit more experience in that particular job career