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Neicu, dog walking - WV1 Wolverhampton

I love animals! I grow up with them, they are my soulmate! I'd love to keep ur animal in safe, to play with it, to walk with it.
Juri, dog walking in Wolverhampton

Greetings, Currently I am located in Wolverhampton and in need of a challenging job, I would gladly relocate at the moments notice. Available to work any day, any hour and will gladly agree to do overtime if it is offered. I have owned two cats and a dog and i was the only one responsible for them. I miss them dearly. I am a passionate, honest and hard-working individual and if I am given the opportunity I will not let you down. Looking forward to hearing from you, Juri.
Kamila, dog walking in Wolverhampton

My name is Kamila and i am polish but live in the uk for past 3 years. I had many pets such as: hamsters, fishes, rabbits, guinea pig, cat and now i have a beautiful dog. I like to do a long walks with dogs so i am prepared if you'r pet have this need also i have no problem with playing with pets and cleaning after them.
Iulia, host family for dog in Wolverhampton WV1

I am a person who loves animals very much.I have at home 5 animals, 4 cats and one dog.I like to take care of animals, to play with them, to go out and to spend time in nature, to providing warmth and love and trust. I am very friendly with dogs and cats especially, and I konw that animals feel me that I love them , because they have an extraordinary sense. I am interesting to work and I hope I will find a great family who needs me to care their lovely pet.
Keeley, dog walking in Wolverhampton

am a dog lover! very loving and warming towards cuddly animals, find them great company! would gladly run around a field all day with them.used to own a horse but ha to sell it on after 7 years of waking up at 6am to let it out of the stable, etc. had quite a few cats in my teenage years but theyre claws scare me haha! would happily look after up to 5 dogs though. i am comfortable with hamsters and rabbits etc and would clean out their cages/huts.
Jessica, dog walking in Wolverhampton

Hello. I'm Jessica , I am 16 years old and I have already looked after 4 different dogs at different times. I believe I am a trust worthy person and will take great care of you animal. I used to have a cat and dog and fish but they are no longer with us but I truly understand how much a pet can mean to some one. So I hope that you trust me with you pet as I'll take great care of them for you.
Michaela, dog walking in Wolverhampton WV1

My name is Michaela, i am 20 years old. I am Czech but now i am staying in UK. I love all pets. I am flexible, friendly, reliable and optimist. I like to meet new people and I like to try new challenges. When I have free time I like spend time with my family, friends or sport activities.
Rhea, dog walking - WV1 Wolverhampton

Hi, I currently have six rabbits and they are very happy and healthy i had a dog previously but sadly passed away because of old age.

Hi, my name is Chloe and I am 17 years old. I have a golden Labrador who is 3 years of age and I love looking after him. I have always loved working with animals and would love to work with animals in the future. I am currently studying equine at college where there are lots of practicals, we also get to go and feed the other animals so I know I feel confident around a wide variety of animals. I have experience around cats, rabbits, fish and rats as I used to keep those as pets. I would...
Eve, dogsitter in Wolverhampton WV1

I believe I am very loving and caring when it comes to animals, I aspire a career in animal management once my course has finished but for now I’m looking to just help out some families by looking after their pet. I have looked after reptiles, dogs, cats and rodents.

Hello! :) I'm Sharon! A fun loving individual who enjoys making others happy! I'm a 23 year old with natural caring instincts. I am a massive animal lover and always have been. I have 2 dogs and a cat and they're my best friends! They are 8 years old and I devote my life to them. I've always had/been surrounded by animals since I was young so I have plenty of experience in looking after family pets! I've also made it my job to rescue and re home any strays I've found and have done this for ...
Nicole, dog walking - WV1 Wolverhampton

Hello, My names Nicole and I am 18 years of age. I live in wolverhampton. I have 3 pets; 2 dogs a staffy called Angel and a yorkshire terrier called Sky. I also have a hamster called reggie. I offer home visits and walks, home board could be negotiated.
Bianca, dog walking in Wolverhampton WV1

Hello I am Bianca I am 16 years old and I love pets as I always thought that a pet is the humans best friend
Sam, host family for dog in Wolverhampton WV1

Hi I have always owned animals I love them very much I can come and stay at your house while you go away to look after your animals or anything else you need
Chantelle, dog walking - WV1 Wolverhampton

I currently own a Alaskan malamute but have perviously had a Yorkshire terrier and a rabbit but I've had a numerous amount of fish inbetween
Klaudia, dog walking in Wolverhampton WV1

I love dogs. The family house was 10 years old dog. He was a member of my family. I raised him from a puppy . I love to deal with the dogs because they understand better than men

I love animal's. I am patient and caring.I live in a flat and therefore do not have a pet of my own. I live on my own so enjoy the company of the pets. I love walking and have glowing references. I have looked after cat's and dogs for at least 10 years. I now have turned my love for animal's into a business.I like to look after the pets and treat them as if they were my own. The pets like being with me.

I am an experienced pet sitter and a huge animal lover

i currently have a dog and are used to being around them and looking after their needs please contact me for more information

Hi, I'm chanelle , also referred to as Vicky. I'm looking to offer my help with animals of all kinds. I have a btec level 3 animal management equine qualification, specializing in horses of any size and temperament. I have owned a variety of animals throughout life and currently own, a dog, cat, and cockatiel. I've recently had, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas' and a horse.